Will it be you who will be a good addition to our team? We are a Czech family business, we are doing well, we are growing, and our customers are interested in our products, so we are not managing sometimes :-). Therefore, we are looking for new team members, and it is quite possible that we are looking just for you!

So, who we are?

We are a Czech family business from the picturesque foothills of the Eagle Mountains, the roots of which date back to 1969. We started by keeping honeybees and for years we have been learning about the treasures of bee products and focusing on processing them into cosmetics and food supplements.

O rodinné firmě Pleva, kariéra Pleva

We offer the widest range of bee products on the Czech market. We want all our customers to be satisfied, therefore we present them the healing effects of bee products and we are glad that they have chosen us as their partner for their journey to health and beauty.

It is important for us:

  • To assure our products really work; we proudly guarantee their effectiveness with our own name.

  • To use only the highest quality ingredients and pay attention to their origin.

  • Fair and honest dealings and a friendly and open approach to our partners, collaborators, and customers.

  • Being environmentally responsible, recycling, using alternative energy sources, in short, working and living in harmony with nature.

O rodinné firmě Pleva, kariéra Pleva

We only do what we truly believe in, and we love doing it. This is also why we are aware that only those who enjoy their work and see meaning in it can do it really well. We know very well that without friendliness, commitment, and interest of our team we would never have gotten this far. That is why we pride ourselves on long-term cooperation and a pleasant family environment.

If you think you fit in with us, get in touch! Maybe this will be the beginning of our long-time journey together...

Want to learn more about us? Read Our Story.

Who are we looking for right now?

  • PRODUCTION WORKER - occasional

Are you skilful, do you enjoy creating and working with your hands? When you start something, does the work go "pretty well"? If you live near Potštejn, get in touch! In the beginning it can be a temporary job, or you may like it here...

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„I have always wanted an enlightened boss who I could respect and who would give me a sense of freedom. People have told me that this is not possible in these days when money rules. That everyone will just exploit me. But I have several enlightened bosses in Pleva family company. I have complete freedom and at the same time superiors, to whom I can take my hat off every day.“

Jana Kudelová
sales representative of Pleva family company

Do you want to join our team? Are you interested in selling our products outside the Czech Republic?
Let us know! We will get back to you as soon as possible!