Burns and Scalds, their Treatment, and Help from Nature

Burns and Scalds, their Treatment, and Help from Nature

Whether you burn your back while sunbathing or your impatient fingers burn in the oven, start cooling the affected areas immediately. A cold shower or applying a cold compress from a towel is ideal. Then treat the burns with preparations from the natural pharmacy for quick healing, and subsequently hydrate sufficiently with a suitable cream for pain relief. Timely and properly provided aid can reduce the effects of a burn and facilitate subsequent healing.

You can burn yourself at home

opařeniny, spáleniny, popáleniny

Burns are among the most common household injuries, whether the cause is contact with an open fire, hot oven or stove, curling iron, or scalding with hot water, oil, or coffee.

Often it happens fast - hot soup on the stove suffices, a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a bit of inattention. Even if you pay attention to safety and generally do not reach into the oven without oven mitts, it may happen that you spill hot coffee into your lap during a convivial conversation with a friend, or eager children's hands stick to the oven door in the joy of baking muffins.

Burns and scalds never look very pretty, but with the right first aid, you can provide relief very quickly and effectively, reduce the severity of the injury and facilitate subsequent healing.

Treatment of burns

When providing first aid in burns, it is necessary to keep your head cool, act immediately and not waste valuable minutes - cool the injury immediately and only then call the emergency line. If you start cooling quickly and in the right manner, you can significantly reduce the extent of burns or scalds. Without cooling, the heat continues to spread through the tissue and the extent of the damage continues to worsen. Use only cold water for cooling, when using shower do not aim the stream of water directly at the sensitive burnt area. On principle, avoid the use of ice, snow, or shave ice, as this could cause even more damage. If there is clothing attached to the burn, do not tear it off and cool directly through it.

Jak ošetřit popálení, jak ošetři opaření

As soon as possible, remove all jewellery, pendants, watches, piercings, etc.; burns swell very quickly, and all such objects are very difficult to remove. In addition, metal objects retain heat and can thus further damage the skin. Cool the burnt parts again and again until it brings relief to the injured person.

In case of more extensive burns and especially in children, where there is a risk of hypothermia the rule applies that a maximum of 10% of the body surface is cooled in an adult and 5% in a child. In this case, focus only on the most sensitive parts, such as the face, neck, hands, and genitals, and perform a one-time cooling under the shower lasting only a few seconds. Always think of the thermal comfort of the affected person and try to keep unaffected parts of the body warm, for example by wrapping them in a sheet.

When to call emergency?

Burns are generally divided into 4 degrees, from the mildest to the most severe. Simply put, it is possible to deal with first-degree burns and minor second-degree burns with self-help. However, it is also important to take always into account the extent of the burn and then monitor the progress of healing, especially any signs of infection.

While cooling the injury, assess whether emergency medical service should be called. If a man - hero gets burnt, he may refuse help at first, but look at the situation soberly and really consider whether the rescuers could give him better and more professional help than you. You cannot play hero in the case of burns. The same applies to children - call emergency as soon as you see that you that you cannot handle such extent or type of burn at home.

In a 1st-degree burnonly the skin is damaged, which is red and may be swollen. If blisters appear, it means that the burn has reached the 2nd degree. After immediate cooling, apply propolis tincture to such burns. Then apply it repeatedly to the affected area until a scab forms on the burn. Afterwards, you can also lubricate the wound and continue lubricating with a suitable cream or ointment with propolis, aloe vera, or panthenol.

ošetření popálenin, puchýře

If possible, do not touch the resulting blisters, in no way try to pierce, mechanically open, or squeeze them. Leave them alone and wear loose clothing, which will ensure faster healing. The fluid contained in the blisters protects the burnt areas and prevents skin infection, therefore, give your body time to regenerate and do not damage the surface of the blisters in any way.

A moist environment is very suitable for healing of a covered burn. You can use, for example, honey, which you carefully but in a thorough layer apply to the wound and then lightly cover with a non-adhesive bandage.

If the skin on the affected area turns whitish, off-white, yellowish or brownish, the burn has already reached the 3rd degree. In such a case, do not hesitate and seek professional treatment after immediate cooling and application of propolis drops.

prevence před popálením a opařením, bezpečnost

Pay attention to prevention, especially in children

The skin of children is much more sensitive than the skin of adults, because children do not yet have a fully developed immune and thermoregulatory system. Because of this, they are much more susceptible to infections, but they are also less able to tolerate hypothermia.

This is why it is always better to push the soup on the stove a little away, put the coffee cups in a safe place and declare a touching embargo on the oven with the cake.

When the sun confuses you

You can get burnt not only at home or with fire. Time flies at a completely different pace during warm vacation days, and if you didn't look at your watch, you wouldn't even realize it was time to head home from the water. And if even pain didn´t warn you, you will often find out in the bathroom in front of the mirror that you have enjoyed your summer fun to the red colour.

A burnt back, shoulders, decolletage, nose, insteps, or even eyelids are often a matter of time. Especially in water, where the sun rays are reflected, people often do not even realize that they are in the sun and that they could get sunburnt. Burnt skin from the sun is usually visible at first glance - in addition to reddened, hot, and very sensitive and painful skin to touch, you may suffer from slight swelling or even blisters in the area of burns. Sunburns can also be accompanied by headache, fatigue, and fever. But the sun doesn't have to be a bugbear, you just have to enjoy its life-giving power sensibly.

How to treat sunburn

spáleniny od slunce, příjem tekutin

Treat sunburn immediately after coming home, you will be relieved. Cool the skin thoroughly, not only locally, but overall. For example, take a cold shower or at least apply cooling compresses to the affected areas – a towel soaked in cold water will suffice - and keep changing them.

Immediately after cooling the skin, continue cooling and hydrating the body - drink plenty of clean, cooler water. After sunburn, you may have a headache and feel very thirsty. Even if this is not the case, your body will need increased fluid intake. During the healing of burns, its demands for water increase. In addition, you will cool down very pleasantly with a regular and sufficient drinking regime.

You can use our Gel with propolis to cool and regenerate irritated skin or natural Skin - cream with propolis. Yoghurt or quark, proven methods of our grandmothers, also work great as a quick first aid. Aloe vera or cucumber slices, ideally taken from the fridge, will do you an excellent job. Preparations with aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, vitamin A, and panthenol are also often used.

After burning, do not go out in the sun again and be careful even about staying in the shade, even there the sun tans, even if inconspicuously.

Sunburn dries out the skin, so it's important to keep it moisturised. For the regeneration and softening of burnt skin, we recommend using Ointment with propolis, Honey ointment with propolis or Balm with CBD Oil and Propolis. Shea Butter Balm With Propolis Shea Butter Balm with Propolis will also serve you well for this purpose but coconut oil will also help. Whatever you use to lubricate the burnt skin, once a day is definitely not enough - for relief, apply every three hours. Regular rubbing of the affected areas with a decoction of green or chamomile tea will also help.

Ointment for burns?

In connection with burns or scalds, the question of applying ointment to the affected area is very often addressed. It is generally accepted that ointment is suitable for use in case of injury that are dry or with only a slight secretion. Therefore, burn ointment is suitable for use in case of slight damage - sunburns and minor burns. For more extensive skin damage, use the ointment only when the wound stops oozing, or a scab appears on it.

Natural pharmacy for burns

propolis na popáleniny, léčení popálenin propolisem

Natural remedies will help you improve the healing process of sunburns and burns or scalds. Propolis, which has an antibacterial effect and in nature can protect the entire hive from various sources of infection, is of great help. If any source of infection penetrates the hive, bees immediately start covering it with propolis, which, thanks to its composition, can deal with all bacteria and microorganisms.

Propolis is a rich mixture of resins, balms, essential oils, and waxes. Bees collect it from plants and tree buds, so it is a completely plant-based product that is irreplaceable. It has anti-inflammatory and healing effects, destroys bacteria in the wound, and reduces pain.

What to equip a home first aid kit with?

Propolis drops

Propolis drops with Dropper 28 g

It is the basic building block of a home first aid kit; it contains effective antimicrobial substances and improves the course of burn healing. If you drip the tincture on the burnt areas immediately after instant cooling, the burn will heal much faster. In addition, you will spare yourself from unpleasant welt and swelling. Propolis takes good care of skin renewal and health.

„For toothaches, for burns - relieves pain immediately, blisters will not form, heals quickly, for cat scratches, it closes nicely... :)“


„In our household, we use it in both humans and animals. It helps with inflamed wounds, sore throat, acne, eczemas, cold. It is the most used thing in our medicine cabinet.“


„Propolis tincture has been a staple in our home medicine cabinet for several years and we have been using it with success. I have cured my tonsillitis, painful gums, abscess, each wound we disinfect with propolis tincture. I can only recommend it :-)“


Gel with propolis

Natural gel with propolis

It has a cooling effect, you can apply it directly to the burnt or sunburnt area, ideally several times a day. The practical Gel with Propolis is excellent for holidays also because it relieves insect stings and creates a protective film.

„Taken out of the fridge, it soothes and cools burns and insect bites.“


„I was surprised how well it works... a super-accelerator for healing pimples, scratches, burns... I will try to keep this at home all the time! :-)“


„So far, I have only tried it on burns, I would say that it "covers" the wound, it doesn't itch so much, and it actually helps with healing, the wound has calmed down.“


Ointment with propolis

Ointment with propolis

Propolis provides the ointment with regenerative and healing effects, it is excellent for lubricating healing areas or dry scabs. The ointment is also suitable for skin care in people with skin prone to fungi, eczema, or around haemorrhoids, and can cope with dry skin.

„Excellent, healing ointment, the so-called 1st aid. Healing, no inflammation, no scars. I recommend.“


„Excellent for impetigo, cracked heels, haemorrhoids. It softens the skin, lubricates it.“


„A very pleasant product, the advantage is that it is not perfumed at all, so even my mother, who is allergic and can't stand anything, may use it. Great for chapped skin, heals and smooths.“


Honey ointment with propolis

Honey ointment with propolis

Thanks to the excellent combination of honey and propolis, Honey Ointment with Propolis provides sensitive care for damaged skin. It contains many substances with healing effects, so it should form the basis of each well-equipped first aid kit. It is also suitable for fungi and eczema, after radiation or for haemorrhoids and for the care of dry and chapped skin.

„Luxury Ointment. Without experiencing and seeing it, I won't believe it. It helped my father-in-law a lot to create a new cuticle after radiation on his face and neck, even at the Proton Center they wanted to know how he had managed to have weak but new, sunburnt skin within a month. Now he only uses it for other minor wounds.“


„Great ointment for any skin condition. Super healing effects.“


„The ointment lubricates and heals the skin very well.“


Shea Butter Balm With Propolis

Shea Butter Balm With Propolis

Propolis extract has significant antiseptic and regenerative effects, accelerates the entire healing process, and reduces the formation of little scars. Shea butter can add elasticity to the skin, it is what is behind supple, soft, flexible, and perfectly moisturized skin. You can use it not only as an ointment to lubricate affected areas, but also as a more nourishing skin cream, which visibly contributes to the firmness and health of the skin.

„We use it mainly in winter months, it's great before going out, in the summer we apply it on burnt skin.“


„Excellent consistency, does not leave the skin greasy but soft. Healing effects, e.g., after burns.“


„All members of our household use the cream. I use it daily instead of a night cream (the skin is beautifully hydrated and supple), the others for minor burns, a scratched nose during a cold, on the hands after working in the garden ... simply universal use and we are satisfied with it.“


Balm with CBD Oil and Propolis

Balm with CBD Oil and Propolis

The balm uses the unique synergy of propolis, which supports regeneration of dry and chapped skin and is known for its antimicrobial and healing effects, and CBD oil, which effectively acts on minor wounds, and achieves great results in protecting and soothing the skin. It is intended to care of damaged, irritated, dry, and itchy skin, which at the same time protects and supports its regeneration. It can heal small abrasions; it also has a great effect on dry or corneous skin and treats and soothes sunburnt skin.

„Within the period I've been using it, it has tackled my eczema and the psoriatic patches on my thumbs and elbows have disappeared.“


„Heals wounds, cold sores nicely...“


Immediately after purchase, check to make sure that all family members tolerate propolis well. Apply some propolis tincture to a healthy, unaffected area and wait for about an hour to see if it causes an allergic reaction.

Herbal first aid

quark, yoghurt and cucumber slice, a number of natural and herbal helpers can aid you to cool down and regenerate your skin. A plant with antibacterial, cooling, and healing effects - aloe vera and preparations made from it - is very effective.

You can grow aloe at home in a flowerpot, it is a fairly undemanding plant. If necessary, just tear off a leaf and drip the juice directly onto the affected area. You can also prepare your own gel very easily - remove the skin from the leaf, blend the pulp until smooth and you are done. In a sealed jar, aloe vera gel will last for several days stored in the refrigerator.

If you grow calendula - common marigold, in your garden, you can make a decoction of it and soak the affected areas in the cold decoction.

co na spáleniny, aloe vera, měsíček lékařský, heřmánek

You can also prepare a similar decoction from St. John's wort, medicinal chamomile, or green tea. You can apply such a natural aid every hour and thus significantly relieve the pain. If you combine it with frequent lubrication of the burn, you will for sure feel relief.

You will certainly use all the helpers from the natural pharmacy not only in the case of burns, and we hope that you will avoid any burns. However, it is always better to be prepared than surprised :-).

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