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How do bees produce honey? Where there is?

How do bees produce honey? Where there is?

Honey from the bees have - but how it originate? How do the bees?

In the visitors' book appeared an interesting question: "Where does the sweetness of honey." This issue is very interesting, so we decided to answer it by Article - actually arises as honey.
First collecting nectar

Arises from the nectar of honey (sweet juice collected flowers) or honeydew (of trees). Bee sucks nectar or honeydew in honey sac. Honey stomach pouch is separated from COPD, so it is guaranteed that there can be no digestion.
Second Transmission wort younger

Bee hive and to arrive there before the "cost" of nectar or honeydew younger bee sting (each bee has a job), as follows wort is swallowed and ejected several times - each bee by adding enzymes and amino acids as well as from their glands, while water evaporates. when this process is "honey" sufficiently thickened (about 30% water) is stored in hexagonal bee cell.


3. evaporation

The evaporation also occurs due to high temperature in the hive, which is around 35 ° C. Flapping wings of bees created a constant stream of air to remove excess water out of the cesium from the hive. When the humidity reaches about 17% of honey moisture in cells zavíčkován = mothballed. Bees are able to drain the nectar from 70% to 17%.


4. Why do bees and plants?

Bees store honey for survival during winter. Average winter colony consumes about 15 kg - 20 kg of honey. Throughout the year, it is the 70 kg of honey. Beekeeper removes bees around 20 kg - 70 kg of honey, so the bees before winter zakrmují carbohydrate solution.

You might also wondered why plants produce nectar, the answer is simple - to plant nectar has great importance because it attracts pollinators (bees, bumblebees, wasps, beetles, etc.) who in his body disperse pollen and thus pollinate.




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