Propolis Tincture - Experience of Use

Propolis Tincture - Experience of Use

We honestly collect feedback on our products because we are interested in how they help you, what you use them for and whether they meet all your expectations. This allows us to improve their composition or offer them in larger or more practical packaging. We regularly share results of the feedback with you. And today it's the turn of propolis tincture - what problems do you use it for and how does it help you?

Toothache and tooth inflammation, periodontitis

Cold, sore and scratchy throat, runny nose

Aphtae, cold sores, and inflamed corners of the mouth

Molluscum warts

Warts, corns

Eczemas, atopic eczema

Burns, cuts, minor injuries, and ingrown nails

Other uses of propolis tincture

The basis of the first aid kit

If you still have no experience with propolis, make sure you can tolerate it before using it. Drip a little tincture on the inside of the forearm and wait for about an hour to see if it causes an allergic reaction. If the allergy does not manifest itself, feel free to use propolis.

Toothache and tooth inflammation, periodontitis

Various diseases of the oral cavity are perhaps among the most common problems for which our customers use propolis tincture. They reach for it in case of tooth inflammation or gingivitis, toothache, when underwent more painful medical procedures, tooth extraction, periodontal disease, but also for minor injuries in the oral cavity.

Just instil the tincture into water and rinse the oral cavity thoroughly as a preventive measure or use it on a specific sore spot topically. Many of our customers have also taken a liking to our propolis mouthwash and our natural toothpaste, and they are no longer so apprehensive about their next visit to a dentist.

„Gingivitis, definitely.“


„Excellent for healing gums.“


„I have got and use it 🙂 and even my dentist recommended it to me 😃“


„Excellent stuff, from toothache to sore throat.“


„We like to use it to disinfect the mouth and for minor injuries.“

Andrea Rozmušová

„They help me to close the exposed necks of my teeth, I have years of good experience with them.“


„I use these drops against periodontal disease and find improvement. I recommend the product to others.“


„Tooth inflammation. My child is terrified of his dentist. We have been treating it with propolis for several years already. One night he had an overnight flare-up and by morning his face was puffy. By the evening it shrunk, the pouch burst, and the next day he didn´t know about it anymore. I always have at least 4 bottles at home.“

Zuzana Hradílková

„An invaluable helper for me. I am terrified of dentists, and I must say that as soon as I feel there is going to be a trouble, I start rubbing propolis on it and it has never failed to help. I also have the mouthwash and the mouth spray as prevention.“

Martina Hoffmanová

Cold, sore and scratchy throat, runny nose

Propolis tincture is very often used by our customers in autumn and winter season as flu prevention. They use it both preventively and in case of common cold, sore throat, viral diseases, flu, tonsillitis, or rhinitis.

„Propolis has similar effects to tea tree oil. I use it for cold sores, canker sores, gargling in sore throat, for the vocal cords.“


„Whenever I get sore or scratchy throat, I put a few drops in a sip of water or tea and take it several times a day. This helps a lot.“

Alice Sísová

„Incipient viral disease - a few drops in tea and it's over.“


„I use propolis tincture for sore throat. I instil a few drops into lukewarm water and gargle. It really helps! :)“


„I am a big fan of them. I have used them in problems with flatulence, cough, runny nose, etc. I instil them into water and drink it.“


„I recommend it. After a short time of use, my daughter's health improved significantly - no longer lasting colds.“


„They once helped me to cure a protracted sinusitis. My neighbour brought me drops prepared at home; she had propolis from her brother, so home-made, and I really swear by them, and not only drops, but also ointment; drops when upper respiratory tract viral infection is starting, for sore or burning throat a few drops on a sugar cube, put it as far into the throat as possible and let the sugar slowly dissolve.“


„My wife bought the mouthwash with propolis for her seven-year-old girl's mouth aphtae. The results are excellent. Just like the tincture for warts. It occurred to me, when I got rhinitis, to try squirting diluted mouthwash with propolis into my nose. Rhinitis went away in 3 days! Of course, I gargled with the diluted mouthwash and used other supporting natural medicines such as garlic and onions. However, rhinitis never went away so quickly. I tried it on my 14-year-old son and the result with rhinitis was super-fast again.“


Aphtae, cold sores, and inflamed corners of the mouth

Very often you write to us that propolis tincture helps you with aphthae (canker sores), cold sores, and sore corners of the mouth. According to your experience, both canker sores and cold sores hurt less and disappear faster. If you suffer from canker sores, inflamed corners, or cold sores, it is best, according to our customers' experience, to use propolis tincture as soon as you feel them starting to form.

„An old Czech classic, what may I say. An excellent aid for the elimination of aphthae.“


„For cold sores and canker sores only propolis tincture. When I feel a cold sore coming on, I immediately rub it on, and it doesn't even come out properly. I can only recommend it.“


„Most TOP! 😍 For cold sores, corners, canker sores, sore throats.... Really TOP!!!!! 😘“

Myris Kubys

„Cold sores definitely. They don't even get a chance to get going 👌🏻“

Jitka Šeděnková

„Excellent for aphthae.“


„Excellent for cold sores. Just one drop at the beginning and it will soon disappear.“


„Excellent for aphthae in children, an incredible change already after the first application. Aphthae gone...“

Monika Malinovská

„Great for aphthae.“

Ondra Pres

„Based on the reviews, I also ordered it. And the result? The aphthae I suffer from disappeared in three days. A big one for me. 👍“

Anna Sunny Beneš

„Propolis tincture is absolutely amazing. I had a large and very painful canker sore in my mouth for a week, but then your wonderful tincture arrived and within two days the canker sore was gone.“

Hana Jezberová

Molluscum warts

Molluscum warts (or water warts) are especially troublesome for smaller children. Their treatment often takes quite a long time, because aggressive drugs are not prescribed for younger children, but physicians and parents often prefer a gradual and more natural treatment. In addition, many parents try many treatments before they can cope with the disease. What is their experience with using propolis for molluscum warts?

„Fight molluscum warts! My daughter had them for six months and nothing worked. Propolis worked great! We entered the new year without any troubles. Thank you very much.“

Dana Hácová

„I bought the tincture for my 3-year-old son, who had been troubled by molluscum for a longer time. After just a few days of rubbing in, the pimples began to shrink and gradually disappear. Definitely RECOMMENDED!“


„I used to apply it to water warts. And they're gone. Super, I use it for everything.“

Anna Strúčková

„I am very grateful to this tincture. Our 2 -year-old daughter was being plagued by molluscum warts for many months. We've tried just about everything. By chance we came across the propolis tincture, and the warts started to disappear. And today, no sign of molluscum warts. 🙂“

Hana Jezberová

„Personal experience - after two years of visits to our dermatologist without success in curing my molluscum bumps, I used tincture and ointment from Pleva´s on the advice of the internet :). We have used it a total of twice and this solved the problem for us...“


Warts, corns

If you suffer from warts, we usually recommend getting some raw propolis, melting a little bit every day, instilling it on the wart, taping it up and applying it over and over again until you get rid of the wart. Of course, you can also instil a tincture on the wart. With warts, it is really a longer story, and one has to be patient during the healing process.

„Cold sores, aphthae - is works almost instantly. We got rid of the warts on my partner's palm, a miracle.“


„Propolis is simply a bee miracle, it helped with warts and sore teeth as well.“


„Thanks to propolis I cured a wart on my leg. The treatment was longer, but it was 100%, and since then it has been 15 or 16 years.“


„We got rid of molluscum warts, common warts, and corns thanks to propolis.“


„I treated with it a wart on my daughter's foot; a really nasty, a festering one. I put on a band-aid, patch it up, and put in the sock, a new one every night, and after three weeks it was gone without a trace.“

Kateřina Niklfeld

Eczemas, atopic eczema

Many customers also use propolis tincture and other products with propolis for skin problems.

„A few years ago, I got eczema on my hands from cleaning chemicals. Therapeutic ointments with corticosteroids did not really work, on the contrary, I was moreover struggling with their side effects. And since my dad is a beekeeper and I knew about the effects of propolis from him, I tried propolis ointment. After two weeks, the eczema was gone. Since then, I always have propolis ointment at home, plus propolis spray or tincture for sore throat, inflamed gums, or canker sores. The tincture burns, but reliably helps.“


„I have good experience with propolis in skin problems.“


„For eczema excellent, helps us. I recommend.“


„Perfect for minor eczemas.“


„Hello, thanks for your drops (tincture). They help, they work, and they really heal. I am a bit sceptical of anything unknown. At first, I didn't believe in success, but it came, and I'm still surprised by it. I have successfully cured gingivitis with them, in works great in topic eczema too, as well as cold sores and aphthae. Plus, it's natural, so I don't have to buy expensive ointments (for my skin) or expensive mouthwashes that are full of chemicals. Thanks again and good luck. P. S.: you have a regular customer in me, and I recommend you wherever I can...“

Petra Novotná

Burns, cuts, minor injuries, and ingrown nails

In your household, you have propolis ready even for cases of mild wounds and sores. It could be cuts from Sunday lunch, scratched hands from weeding garden or blisters from new sandals. Also, burns from a fireplace, hot iron, or stove, which always need to be cooled thoroughly first. When the burn stops hurting, you can apply propolis tincture to it. Rather, a smaller amount several times during the day is more effective.

Don’t forget to try it on cat scratches, minor scalds, or scratched feet from running in the forest. Many of our customers use propolis tincture to supplement for various minor but painful problems. These include hangnails, ingrown nails, painful prickly heat between the toes or otherwise damaged or broken skin on the hands or feet.

„I love it. It seals light cuts beautifully, and soon heals everything. Miracle. Otherwise, I also put propolis ointment on everything; magic ointment, as the girls at work say. I have one in my purse, one at home. I have bought one for the kids too, to keep on hand at home. And most importantly, everything will stop hurting. Indispensable for spring shoe blisters. But only the one from you. The others are skimped and do not work.“

Jana Kontrová

„For everything. I came home from the hospital with a hole in my belly, my stitches had burst. I started putting propolis on it at home and it closed. The nurse was amazed. Except then I got allergic, so I can't use it anymore. I've always have had it at home, it heals. A child gets cut - propolis, a teenager gets a pimple - propolis. Just watch out - it dyes. 🙂“

Renée Neumannová

„I use it as a first aid for various sores, cuts, aphthae...excellent stuff.“


„I use it as a disinfectant for wounds, which heal perfectly.“


„For cold sores and ingrown toenails!!!“


„For toothaches, for burns - relieves pain immediately, blisters will not form, heals quickly, for cat scratches, it closes nicely...🙂“

Světlana Tkadlecová

„Just yesterday I burned myself on the fireplace oven door. Pretty ugly. I've rubbed the tincture in four times since yesterday and it's peeling off nicely. An invaluable aid for healing.“

Miroslava Voříšková

„I am a veterinarian and propolis tincture is excellent for gingivitis and ointment for skin injuries, tincture for swollen wounds - it dries beautifully, for abscesses and oozing wounds, pure honey is also great. Sugar contained in it draws the excess fluid out.“


„Hello, I bought a propolis tincture from you on the recommendation of a friend. My toenail was constantly ingrown and removing it was always very painful. I dripped the affected area with the tincture and almost immediately the pain was gone, and the affected area healed very soon. Since then, I have been treating some small injuries by applying the tincture and I am satisfied. I recommend this product to others as well.“

Jana Mackerlová

„My daughter had a skin fissure behind her ear. Already after the first application to the small wound it healed and within 2 days the problem was over. I am very satisfied with the product. We have more products from you, which I'm glad for because they are natural.“


Other uses of propolis tincture

Propolis tincture does you a great service in other difficulties as well:

„I was diagnosed with hip inflammation after strong stress load (a death in the family). I did not feel like taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and I could not walk because of the pain. Large doses of propolis tincture worked against my inflammation. (One week 3 - 30 drops, second week 2 - 25 and then only once a day 20 drops.)“

Gabriela Pospíšková

„I take propolis as a dietary supplement in my oncological disease and it is such a small miracle.“


„Excellent drops against infections.“


„They helped with my puppy's itchy skin.“


„I have tried the propolis tincture to treat problems with congestion and painful manifestations in the ears and I must say that although the tincture is indicated for completely different things, I have managed to reduce the problems within two weeks so that the ear inlets do not hurt, do not become congested and the unpleasant whistling in the ears has largely stopped. So that's my findings. Otherwise, of course, I use both products according to the recommendations in the instructions for use and so far, I cannot praise them enough.“

Ivan Hainz

„Hello, I would like to thank you very much for the propolis stuff. We have been using propolis mouthwash and toothpaste for several years. When this period started, my husband and I sewed facemasks and our first thought was to treat them nicely with your oral spray and when we run out of it, we would use propolis tincture. After all, bees defend their hive with this, so we got inspired. And now you have assured us of that too :-) Thank you very much for being on our market and especially at our home :-)“

Zuzana Holubová

The basis of the first aid kit

You often write to us that propolis tincture is a staple in your medicine cabinet, and so is in ours :-).

„The best disinfectant for any wound, toothache, aphthae, corns, sore throat ... it has always been in our medicine cabinet at home thanks to our beekeepers, my grandfather and now my dad.“


„Propolis tincture replaces our home first aid kit altogether and I carry it with me everywhere: cold sores, aphthae, acne topically, I put it in my lip balm, sore throat, scratches. A miracle of nature for me.“


„We use it in both humans and animals. It helps with inflamed wounds, sore throat, acne, eczemas, cold. It's the most used thing in the medicine cabinet.“


„Our medicine cabinet contains only one thing - propolis tincture. The first one was from your company, now we make it ourselves. Thank you.“


„I use it as a first aid for anything :-), I can only recommend it.“


„Wide range of use, external and internal use.“


„Propolis tincture has been a staple in our home medicine cabinet for several years and we have been using it with success. I have cured my tonsillitis, painful gums, abscess, every wound we disinfect with propolis tincture. I can only recommend it :-)“

Jana Staňková

We are very pleased that propolis tincture suits you and that you find it useful for a wide range of health problems. We are happy to provide you with this great helper. We think that nature has the most effective medicines - and we're so glad you see it our way.

Practical packaging for every occasion

We offer propolis tincture in several practical packages. Classic propolis drops have a volume of 22 grams and are suitable as part of a home first aid kit.

Practical Tincture of 28 grams with dropper is designed especially for travels, work, into a purse and wherever you need to solve a problem quickly. Propolis Tincture of 48 grams is designed for those who use propolis for multiple health problems and need a bigger package.

For propolis lovers, we offer a 92-gram Propolis Tincture. This large pack is especially useful if you use propolis to solve all problems in the oral cavity, you like to put it on small wounds and cuts, or the whole family uses it regularly. Large packs are used by our customers specially to replenish smaller tincture packs.

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