Tested for thousands of years: Discover the beneficial properties of propolis

Tested for thousands of years: Discover the beneficial properties of propolis

Propolis has been used already by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It was considered a versatile medicine with which the people have healed wounds on the skin and in the mouth. How do we use propolis today?

P means propolis

The word propolis is generally known, but only few people know what propolis actually is. It is a solid resinous material that the bees collect and process to disinfect their cells. Propolis is produced mainly thanks to the trees – the bees gather their resin, add substances from their glands and process the mixture further with their mandibles.

Raw propolis
Raw propolis

There are substances in propolis which resin does not contain and which can not be produced in a laboratory. It is a truly unique cocktail of elements, aromatic acids, alcohol, aldehydes, etc., through which the bees can really work wonders.

A clean hive

The bees use propolis not only to seal cracks in the hive. They also use it as a building material and even for mummification.

Imagine that a mouse enters a beehive. If it does not flee in time and does not survive the attack of bees, its body begins to rot in the hive. The entire bee colony could be infected. That is why the bees cover the dead mouse with propolis that prevents access of oxygen. By mummification, decay and contamination can be prevented. Because propolis itself is very resistant and antiseptic, the body of the mouse does not rot from the inside either.

Use of propolis

Raw propolis pleva

... whenever your body is threatened with an inflammation.

Whether you have to fight a sore throat, inflammation of the gums, stomach, intestines or urinary tract, propolis always helps to ward off the problems.

Effective resin without toxic substances

Propolis is a disinfectant and eliminates easily viruses, bacteria and fungi. The people use it because of its many beneficial effects in the treatment of fungal infections, eczema and acne. Moreover, it is not toxic and does not burden the body unnecessarily. You can also relieve local pain and strengthen immunity with propolis. It was used as an antibiotics even in ancient cultures. It is interesting that even after several thousands of years there is no resistance to this natural antibiotics!

Bee, propolis, hive

Obtaining propolis

Ointments and tinctures for rapid healing of the skin

The excellent effects of the propolis products have been tested by us. We have had very good experiences with propolis in ointments and tinctures. The products with propolis are recommended for the prevention and cure of bedsores, cold sores and skin wounds, eczema and unpleasant burns from the sun. Because of its calming effect we mix propolis in lotions for skin problems, as well as tonics, aftershaves and toothpastes.

Two in one

Propolis in honey pleva

Propolis in honey is a great combination of two bee products.

It tastes delicious and you get a product with an effective combination of useful substances at the same time.

Enjoy propolis especially in the flu season. It tastes very good in tea instead of sugar and enriches the drink with a pleasant taste of honey!

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