Warts: What to Do with Them?

Warts: What to Do with Them?

Children and younger people are most often affected by warts; with the unsightly lumpy form of true warts on the hands and, perhaps even more commonly, the sunken form of plantar warts on the feet. If you opt for invasive treatment (most often wart excision), you may find that the wart returns in the same place in a few months or years. Natural solutions are more economical and effective. Or raw propolis is used, which you can apply to the wart.

Warts can plague for months

Warts (popularly sometimes also called papillae) are caused by a viral infection, and they are smaller benign tumours caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The virus is transmitted by touch, most often when the skin is injured, irritated, or the immune system is generally compromised.

The incubation period of warts varies greatly - sometimes they appear within a few weeks, sometimes a person carries the virus for months or even years. Therefore, an infected person can transmit warts without them manifesting in him in any way. Children and younger people are most likely to get warts, with warts occurring in the temple area in children and on the hands and soles of the feet in younger people.

Approximately every tenth person has encountered warts, but the experience with this skin disease has certainly varied - some warts disappear without treatment, and you hardly notice them, but with others you struggle for months or years and despite the cure they keep coming back.

If you have no previous experience with warts, you can easily mistake them for other skin diseases or neoplasms. Warts are often confused with skin growths, age warts and various birthmarks. The mentioned formations are not of viral origin and the method of their treatment is different from the treatment of warts.

Lumpy warts on the hands, sunken on the soles

bradavice na rukou, přírodní léčba, Pleva
photo: Wikimedia Commons, author: Lucien Mahin

Lumpy warts

The appearance of warts varies depending on where they occur. Very widespread are real or common warts occurring on the hands in the form of bumps.

Their size tends to be quite different, from barely visible formations to the size of a pinhead, which begin to grow larger over time. At first, they are smooth, barely noticeable, then they become cornified and the skin acquires an unsightly warty surface.

Warts can appear alone or in groups, and if not treated properly, they spread into increasingly larger clusters. They are usually not too painful - unless they are in a frequent, i.e., frequently abraded area or around the delicate cuticle in the nail bed area.

plantární bradavice na chodidle, Pleva
photo: Wikimedia Commons, author: Dewdude

Plantar warts

The second common type of warts are the warts on the soles of the feet referred to as real plantar warts. Because they are located on the soles of the feet, i.e., under the entire weight of the body, they do not grow on the surface of the skin, but burrow inwards and form corneous niches. In the centre of the wart, there are red or black dots caused by bleeding of small skin capillaries.

Warts on the soles of the feet tend to be rather painful, especially when they are in the least appropriate places.

Treating plantar warts is also somewhat more difficult than treating warts on the hands, and they often reappear in the same or a nearby location after they have been healed.

Invasive wart treatment is a long-term process

Although warts on the hands tend to heal faster than warts on the feet, treatment for either type of wart is not a quick fix. The largest percentage of patients undergo freezing of warts with liquid nitrogen or other supercooled substance. Warts can also be removed surgically under local anaesthesia, which is a more suitable procedure especially for larger formations.

However, in both cases, warts can return to the same site of occurrence. In lucky individuals, the immune system can deal with warts on its own and no treatment is necessary. But for the less fortunate, warts can spread and instead of one, they end up having to deal with the removal of three or more growths.

However, be sure not to cut out warts yourself. Any scraping, squeezing, cutting or similar intervention is inappropriate. You will not get rid of the wart, but you can expand the infected tissue or painfully injure the resulting formation.

Natural products and grandmotherly advice

A natural way can be a longer-term process; however, the rate of healing warts is really very individual. Warts are closely linked to the immune system, so supporting the immune system is often helpful in curing them and preventing unwanted spread.

Oyster mushroom also contributes to increasing the body's defences and helps fight warts. A traditional natural remedy for warts is orange juice of celandine, which should be rubbed on the formations at least twice a day. You can rub directly with the broken part of the plant, or you can put the crushed plant in vinegar, leave to rest for at least a month and then rub the solution on the wart twice a day.

přírodní léčba bradavic, vlaštovičník, hlíva ústřičná, podpora imunity

According to grandmotherly advice, rubbing them regularly with a piece of raw potato or putting a banana peel on them will help to remove warts. Place a piece of banana peel on the wart, tape it over and leave it overnight. Replace the peel with a fresh one regularly and repeat the process until the wart is removed.

přírodní léčba bradavic, banánová slupka, syrová brambora

For warts, people also use propolis, which you can use in its raw form or in the form of propolis drops (tincture). We cannot provide more information here for legislative reasons, but if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you! Or take a look at our advice website, where you can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about warts.

From the experience of our customers:

„I have treated a wart on my daughter's foot with propolis tincture, a really nasty, festering wart. I put it on a band-aid, patched it up and put in the sock - a new one every night, and after three weeks the wart was gone without a trace.“


„Propolis is simply a bee miracle, it helped with warts and sore teeth.“


„I have used raw propolis to treat warts on my children's feet soles when I didn't want to expose them to the rather drastic treatment of a skin doctor. Propolis works!“


„Cold sores, aphthae - propolis tincture works almost immediately. We got rid of the warts on my partner's palm, a miracle.“


„Hello, hello to the Pleva company 😊,
this will be, I think, my first review on a product, I just can't help and I have to because I am EXCITED.
My son (8 years old) started to get warts on his heel, which we dealt with various products from the pharmacy or directly from the doctor, but with no effect, the warts multiplied and I didn´t know how to solve it and was unhappy. I didn't want to resort to the option of burning the warts out, even though it seemed like the last and only option.
And then I came across your website and your products, and on closer examination I found out that propolis can be used to treat warts. First I bought raw propolis, which I applied after warming up with a spoon to the wart and sealed it, but the melted propolis was too hard to handle and difficult to apply.
Then I read that propolis drops can also be used to treat warts. So, I started to apply propolis drops to my son´s warts; I instilled it on a cosmetic swab, put it on the warts and covered with a band-aid. I had to be careful, because propolis stains very much, not only the skin, but actually anything it encounters.
We started on 26 October 2020 and in two months, thanks to the propolis drops, we achieved what we had not been able to for a long time before - the warts are gone. In the attachment I am sending photos, which are marked according to how we were going through the treatment.
Hereby I would like to thank you for a great product, and I will be very happy if my review and the results of the treatment will help other parents as unhappy as I was originally.

Zkušenost produkty Pleva a bradavice
Photo taken before the treatment starts...

Zkušenost propolisová tinktura a bradavice
After 5 days of treatment....

Zkušenost propolisové kapky na bradavice
After a month from the start of treatment (propolis stains 😊 )...

Zkušenost propolis na bradavice
After another 11 days, it looks promising 😉...

Zkušenost propolis léčba bradavic
Cured in two months after starting treatment thanks to propolis drops.

Dana Sobotová

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