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About the company


 Our company is located in the picturesque village Potštejn, in lovely foothills of Orlické Hory. By producing the best quality products we help people who need it - for their health, beauty, or just for pleasure. Our company is specialised in healing bee products processing (honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis and bee venom) for cosmetics and food products.

Pleva PotstejnFor production we use only good quality Czech honey. The bee breading has long tradition in our family. We have been involved in it since the year 1969 and the processing of bee products started in 1990.

During the development and creation of new formulations we use the latest information from the global development and discoveries in the fi eld of cosmetics. Production is the process with strictly observed hygienic conditions and all products have medical testimonial according to the norms valid in European Union.

Mission of the company Pleva

„We want to meet people‘s needs and offer them corresponding products.“

Why do we exist? To mediate the healing eff ect of the bee products. We are mediators between nature and customers. We deliver the nature products of the high quality to our customers. What is our goal? The satisfied and healed customer who comes back to us with trust and who think about us as a first solution of his or her problems.

Our basic values:Pleva is respectable brand which processes material exclusively from the domestics production and is responsible to the environment.

včelka u vody

Vision of the company Pleva

Our goal is healthier, more beautiful and thus more satisfied customers. That is why we want to introduce them the healing power of bee products and give them the opportunity to buy them on more and more places. We provide them with the top quality. We pledge to fulfi l the wishes of the customers by launching new demanded products. We are the honest company responsible to the environment. We buy honey just from domestic producers, recycle, use alternative sources of energy and support the charity.




Mobile: [+420] 739 045 380
Mo-Fri: 7:00 - 15:00
Email: obchod@pleva.cz