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Cold Sores


For cold sores, we can recommend our Propolis drops; smear with it the affected area 2 to 3 times a day. Once the cold sore is sufficiently dried out, there is no need to smear the tincture any further (the cold sore would crack) - then smear it with honey, which will nourish and heal. From the experience of our customers we know that Ointment with propolis or Honey ointment with propolis also have therapeutic effects..

For normal use, any of our lip balms is suitable.

Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

Yes, propolis tincture may be used for cold sores while breastfeeding (its use is also possible during pregnancy). However, we do not recommend propolis to be used internally during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

In shingles, you can use propolis drops 20 drops 3 times a day for three weeks, then discontinue using for at least two weeks and then apply the drops again. Furthermore, we recommend lubricating the area with Ointment with propolis or Shea Butter Balm With Propolis.

Veronika Plevová,rodinná firma Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„It´s great for all possible skin ailments - cold sores, pimples, I´ve also used it for oral dermatitis with a very fast effect.“

Irena Císařová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Ointment with propolis

„Excellent for chapped lips, eczema, and cold sores.“

Petra Štěpánková | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Honey ointment with propolis

„Great for cold sores. Just one drop at the beginning, and it will soon disappear.“

Zuzana Kočí | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops with Dropper

„Hello, the tincture is such a small miracle for me – I suffer from cold sores (mostly during common colds) and on the recommendation of a friend I have bought propolis tincture – when I feel a cold sore popping out, I immediately smear the area with the tincture and the cold sore really doesn't come out. The expensive ointments from the pharmacy are completely useless. Many thanks to you and the bees :)“

Štěpánka | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops with Dropper

„The stick smells nice, it's just enough greasy, but it absorbs nicely into the lips, it's great for chapped lips. I often suffer from cold sores in the winter, but when my lips start to itch, I smear them right away and no cold sore develops, and if by chance, yes, heals quickly. I have never come across such a good quality lip balm.“

Petra Kubíková | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Honey lip balm with vanilla flavor

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