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Yes, we can recommend propolis tincture; it is also possible to use raw propolis.

Raw Propolis is used on corns as follows: separate a ball of propolis, knead it slightly between your fingers, when it softens, then press this ball onto the corn and cover it with a washable patch with a pad. It is left there without a break until the corn falls out. If the patch peels off, we will stick it on again.

Propolis Drops are used in a similar way, with the only difference being that the drops are instilled onto a small piece of cotton wool, and this is stuck on with a plaster. From time to time, add more drops to the cotton wool so that the corn is constantly in contact with propolis. Leave it like this until the corn falls out spontaneously. If it peels off, re-attach the same way again.

Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

Na kuří oko u dětí i dospělých je možné použít Propolis Tincture or Raw Propolis can be used for corns in both children and adults. For each, it is necessary to find out in advance whether they are not allergic to propolis. The test is performed by dripping a small amount of propolis tincture on the inside of the wrist. If no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, propolis products may be used.

For raw propolis, a bead is separated and stuck to the corn with a washable band-aid. Raw propolis is left on the corn until it falls out. Propolis drops are used in a similar way - drip on a small piece of cotton wool, stick on the corn with a band-aid. Occasionally drip the propolis tincture on the cotton wool and continue this process until the corn falls out spontaneously.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

Hello, treat the fungus on your foot with Propolis Tincture. Use a tincture patch on corns and rub it twice a day and always cover with a band-aid again. You can wipe out your husband's ear with the tincture. Have a nice day and we wish rapid recovery.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

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