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Excessive Hair Shedding / Hair loss / Alopecia


I can recommend hair cosmetics with propolis for excessive hair shedding. Specifically, Shampoo with propolis or Shampoo with Propolis for your Hair. . It is advisable to supplement hair care with the use of the leave-in Hair lotion with propolis. Both the above-mentioned shampoos will cope with excessive hair shedding and improve the overall condition of the hair. Propolis for your Hair Shampoo has a purely natural composition.

Adéla Kubánková, family company Pleva

In this case, I can recommend you based on the experience of our customers Shampoo with propolis and Hair lotion with royal jelly. In addition to this, use internally Royal jelly in honey (1 teaspoon a day).

Veronika Plevová, family company Pleva

Yes, Hair lotion with propolis and Shampoo with propolis have very good results. As for the hormonal cause, I recommend that you use Lyophilized royal jelly or Royal jelly in honey - 1 teaspoon every day. As for Lyophilized Royal Jelly, it is ideal to use it for 40 days and then take a break; you can repeat the treatment several times a year.

Veronika Plevová, family company Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„I have been suffering from excessive hair shedding for a long time. I have been using Shampoo and Hair Lotion with Propolis for about two months now. The scent is delicate and pleasant. After just a few weeks, new hair started to grow around my forehead, so that's on the right track. I am satisfied, I am now ordering another package and I hope the results will be even better. I recommend.“

Šárka Kozielová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Hair lotion with propolis (in discussion)

„It's great, I've been using it for a while now; my hair's stopped falling out, it's growing back, and my hair is generally healthier, and it's getting more beautiful.“

Helena K. | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Shampoo with propolis

„It's an excellent product. I didn't believe it. After 14 days you can see the difference. Easy to apply and still smells good.“

Robert Vondryska | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Hair lotion with propolis

„This product saved me. I had incredible hair loss after Covid; I bought Pollen, honey shampoo and this lotion and I must write that after about 6 weeks my hair is completely healthy, it falls out in natural amounts, so if you have problems with excessive hair shedding, definitely buy this product.“

rosemarisk | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Hair lotion with propolis

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