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How to Cleanse Skin Properly?

How to Cleanse Skin Properly?

Every woman wants to have beautiful skin. We are bringing you, dear ladies, clear instructions on how to achieve this. Do your regular ritual and enjoy your flawless face. To begin with, let us make it clear that soap is not suitable for skin, neither for cosmetic treatment, nor for routine hygiene. What wash your face with if not with soap? Let´s look at this together.

In order masks and creams have the effects we expect from them, we must, as usual, start with ourselves. Basic skin care steps should become part of your daily routine, both morning and evening. Your skin will reward you with healthy and youthful appearance.

First step: cleansing with skin milk

Apply skin milk on fingertips or a cosmetic pad. Gently massage the face with circular movements (we recommend extending it to the neck and décolletage area), let the milk work for a while and then wipe it with a pad. To remove make-up from the eyes, press gently a make-up remover pad with skin milk on the eyelids, leave on for a while and then gently wipe the mascara downwards. Make sure that the pads are always thoroughly moistened to avoid unnecessary mechanical skin irritation. You can first moisten the pad with water and only then apply skin milk to it.

Feel free to repeat this step several times until you remove all impurities from the skin. It may be necessary to use more facial pads; always cleanse until the next pad remains clean. Even face without make-up needs this step, as the pores will open after application, cleanse, and the active ingredients from the subsequently used masks and creams will get deep into the skin. You can skip this step when cleansing your skin in the morning, because skin is not so unclean after night.

jak správně čistit pleť, pleťové mléko

čištění pleti pleťovým mlékem

Second step: cleansing with skin lotion

Apply skin lotion to a cosmetic pad. Wipe your face gently with the pad to remove any remaining skin milk and water-soluble impurities. Make sure not to skip this step when cleansing skin in the morning. You will rid the skin of sweat, dead cells, refresh it, and prepare it for application of cream and make-up.

jak správně čistit pleť, pleťová voda

čištění pleti pleťovou vodou

Do not combine

The individual components in the products could react with each other and then an allergic reaction - tingling, itching, redness, or rash - could occur.

Third step: peeling to remove dead skin cells

It is advisable to use skin peeling once or three times a month, which not only helps the natural renewal of skin cells and smooths your skin, but the thoroughly exfoliated skin stripped of dead skin layer also better absorbs active ingredients and nutrients from the subsequently used cream or face mask. When applying and choosing the method and frequency of peeling, always follow the recommendations in the instructions for use of your chosen exfoliating scrub. Finally, rinse the skin with warm water.

jak správně čistit pleť, pleťový peeling

péče o pleť, pleťový peeling

Fourth step: face mask for skin nutrition

Every skin needs to get proper nutrition from time to time and face mask will provide it. Apply mask with your fingertips or a brush with light strokes and let it act for 15 minutes. Ideally, set aside time for yourself to do this, take a rest, and relax. Finally, rinse the remaining mask with lukewarm water. Indulge your skin with face mask once a week to once every two weeks.

jak správně čistit pleť, pleťová maska

péče o pleť, pleťová maska

Fifth step: cream for delicate area around eyes

The delicate area around eyes requires its own special care, ideally in the form of eye cream for sensitive eye areas. Apply eye cream by tips of your ring fingers and gently tap into the area around eyes about 1 cm below the eye. Always proceed from the outer to the inner corner. Then spread the eye cream gently by circular motions and give it a moment to get absorbed.

jak správně čistit pleť, oční krém

péče o pleť, oční krém

Sixth step: we are choosing skin cream

Then apply day or night face cream suitable for your skin, and incorporate it into the skin of the face and neck by gentle tapping. The area of cream application should be extended to the décolletage, to which we often pay little attention, while especially this area is very stressed. If you want to give targeted care to your décolleté, use firming Decolletage cream.

jak správně čistit pleť, pleťový krém

čištění pleti, pleťový krém

The procedure is simple, and you can easily manage the entire treatment, for example within a bath or shower. Beautiful and radiant skin will be the result of your efforts. However, our skin is also a reflection of our overall condition, and signs of premature skin ageing can be a tax of the hurried times, fatigue, and stress. Therefore, in addition to proper care, do not forget to give yourself and thus to your skin a well-deserved rest.

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