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Immunity Strengthening


It is best to make drops/tincture from raw propolis. When making propolis drops, we recommend pouring 0.5 litre of preferably 60% alcohol over 20 g of Raw Propolis. Leave it in a dark place for 14 days and shake once a day. Then strain the tincture through a coffee filter, for example. And you can use it - 10 drops in 1 dl of lukewarm water 2 times a day for three weeks.

Milan Pleva,family company Pleva

From our experience and from the experience of our customers, I can recommend Lyophilized royal jelly (you can do a 40-day-treatment twice a year) or Royal jelly in honey (2 teaspoonfuls a day), customers also praise Propolis in honey (1 teaspoonful a day) or Propolis Drops (10 drops in 1 dl of lukewarm water 2 times a day for three weeks).

You can also strengthen your immunity year-round with honey alone, and you can indulge in a few teaspoonfuls daily - for adults, we recommend Forest honey.

Another option is the use of flower pollen, with which we also have good experience. We offer Flower pollen in honey (we recommend 3 teaspoonfuls a day) or Pollen - for preventive purposes, just take 1 teaspoonful a day. You can take pollen with some water or mix it into yoghurt. Do not heat-treat pollen, it would lose its vitamins.

Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

Propolis may be used from the age of three, but it is always necessary to test whether the child is not allergic to propolis (drip a product with propolis on the inside of the wrist; if no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, propolis may be used).

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

For children, we recommend year-round immunity boosting with honey; for children, Flower Honey is preferable. Another option is to use Flower pollen in honey, which we also have good experience with. Children may take 1 - 1.5 teaspoonfuls per day. Pollen should not be heat treated; it would lose vitamins.

In the period of more frequent colds, children can use Ginger in honey and Propolis in honey, 1 - 2 teaspoonfuls a day.

Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„**excellent for immunity strengthening** recommended“

Pavla Choholová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Pollen

„1 teaspoonful a day helped me and my little son to get through the flu season in good health.“

Eva Nezdarová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis in honey

„I take it for sore throat - no strep throat, aphthae, tooth pouches = first aid.“

Mirca | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Mouth spray with propolis

„Excellent product, very helpful in colds and various sore throats.“

Václav Vladyka | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Ginger in honey

„Excellent, every day in my tea and no disease is not caught.“

Dagmar Parouzová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Apiglukan - honey with beta-glucan

„Excellent. Healthy. Helped me and my 8 year old son during the flu season. We got through that period in good health.“

Eva Nezdarová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Flower pollen in honey

„Favorite. Great for boosting immunity.“

Irena Trojanová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Royal jelly in honey

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