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Propolis tincture - experience


To treat warts, we recommend Raw Propolis or Propolis Drops, we have very good experience with both.

Raw propolis is used on warts as follows: separate a small ball of propolis, knead it slightly between your fingers, when it softens, then press this ball onto the wart and cover it with a washable patch with a pad. It is left there without a break until the wart falls out. If the patch peels off, stick it on again.

Propolis drops are used in a similar way, with the only difference being that the drops are instilled onto a small piece of cotton wool, and this is stuck on with a plaster. From time to time, add more drops to the cotton wool so that the wart is constantly in contact with the propolis. Leave it like this until the wart falls out spontaneously. If it peels off, re-attach the same way again.

It applies for both treatments that warts should not be poked or cut. It is important that propolis acts upon the warts constantly and thus gets them out. The advantage of this natural substance over various medical interventions is that the wart will not grow again.

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Milan Pleva,family company Pleva

You can take 15 drops twice a day in 0.5-1dl of lukewarm water, gargle and then swallow.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

When treating Molluscum warts, it is recommended to use Soap with Propolis for washing and to apply Propolis Tincture to the affected areas (2 times a day is enough). As soon as a scab has formed, it is advisable to start lubricating with Ointment with Propolis or purely natural hea Butter Balm With Propolis.

Concerning propolis, it is a good idea to first test whether the child is not allergic to it. Rub the underside of the wrist with propolis tincture, if no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, the child is not allergic, and you may start treatment.

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Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

The tincture contains 10 % of propolis.

Milan Pleva,family company Pleva

Yes, we can recommend Propolis Tincture, rub the tincture into the corners, the wound will close and clean. After drying, it would be a good idea to lubricate it with Honey ointment with propolis and commonly use Honey lip balm with vanilla flavor.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

Yes, we can recommend Propolis drops to strengthen immunity, taken internally - 10 drops in 1 dl of lukewarm water 2 times a day for three weeks. Year-round immunity can also be strengthened with honey alone; you can also indulge in a few spoonful daily - we recommend Forest honey for adults and Flower Honey for children..

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

According to the experience of our customers, you can administer 20-30 drops of Propolis Tincture 3 times a day in 1 dl of lukewarm water.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„Excellent for cold sores. Just one drop at the beginning and cold sore will soon disappear.“

Zuzana Kočí | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Ointment with propolis

„My friend has suffered from frequent occurrence of aphthae and praises this product. Aphthae disappear faster and the healing process itself is less unpleasant. That is, if I disregard the application itself, after which the aphthous area stings like hell. But it's worth the later relief!“

Lenka Nesibová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

„In our household, we use it in both humans and animals. It helps with inflamed wounds, sore throat, acne, eczemas, cold. It is the most used thing in our medicine cabinet.“

Petra Štěpánková | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

„An invaluable helper for me. I am terrified of dentists, and I must say that as soon as I feel there is going to be a problem, I start rubbing propolis on it and it has always helped. I also have mouthwash and mouth spray as a precaution.“

Martina Hoffmanová | source: Facebook, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

„We got rid of Molluscum and common warts and corns as well thanks to propolis.“

Veronika Tajbrová | source: Facebook, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

„Literally CURE-ALL. Immediate relief - aphthous ulcers and injuries in the oral cavity, sore throat, periodontal gums, overall excellent as a prevention in the oral cavity. Externally, a drop for minor skin defects and acne. Internally drip into 100 ml of water and drink, as a precaution and to boost the immune system.“

Iveta Bláhová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

„First aid in case of burns and scalds. The drops have already saved me several times when I spilled boiling water on myself, or oil splashed on my fingers while frying - not a trace (except for the colour) or a hint of a blister remained. I swear by propolis tincture, it must not be missing in the first-aid kit.“

Hana Klimešová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

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