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Wiping the nose out with Propolis drops is possible, but they need to be diluted a lot - they contain 60% alcohol. You can also wipe the nose using ointment with propolis and especially use propolis internally - diluted in water or instilled on a biscuit (3 times a day 5 drops).

Concerning propolis, it is a good idea to first test whether the child is not allergic to it. Rub the underside of the wrist with propolis tincture, if no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, the child is not allergic, and you may start treatment.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

We don't make nasal spray or ear drops. However, our customers have experience with Propolis drops; they instil them on a cotton swab and insert it into their ear; as far as the nose is concerned, you can wipe it out with diluted drops or instil the drops in a nasal irrigation container and rinse your nose.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

Based on the experience gained by our customers, I can recommend strengthening immunity with honey all year round; for children, Flower Honey is more suitable. In periods of more frequent colds, then take Ginger in honey and Propolis in honey, 1-2 teaspoons a day. Or you can prepare A miracle syrup of ginger, honey, cloves and lemon.

Adéla Kubánková,family company Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„A very good thing. I suffer from colds, phlegm, etc... And this is the only thing that works fast and helps... :-) I don't even use anything else :-)“

Janec | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Mouth spray with propolis

„Excellent for the abraded nose in rhinitis and other minor abrasions.“

Martina Uřidilová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Honey ointment with propolis

„I swear by this. I have used it for problems with flatulence, cough, runny nose, etc. I instil it into water and drink it.“

Irena Císařová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis Drops

„It does not irritate the nasal mucosa - I use it for a runny nose or just stuffy nose, which it releases beautifully, and rhinitis is cured within 2-3 days. I also use it for my daughter (1year old) whose baby drops didn't work, I can't use anything else for my runny nose as my nose has bled after all the drops. Also excellent for vocal cords and sore throat.“

Sandra | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Propolis Drops

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