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For warts, we recommend Raw Propolis or Propolis Drops, we have very good experience with both.

Raw propolis use on warts as follows: separate a small ball of propolis, knead it slightly between your fingers, when it softens, then press this ball onto the wart and stick it over with a washable patch with a pad. Leave it there without a break until the wart falls out. If the patch peels off, stick it on again.

Propolis drops are used in a similar way, with the only difference being that the drops are instilled onto a small piece of cotton woo, and this is stuck on with a plaster. From time to time, add more drops to the cotton wool so that the wart is constantly in contact with the propolis. Leave it like this until the wart falls out spontaneously. If it peels off, stick it the same way again.

It applies for both treatments that warts should not be poked or cut. It is important that propolis acts upon the warts constantly and thus gets them out. The advantage of this natural substance over various medical interventions is that the wart will not grow again.

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Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

It is enough to treat small warts with Propolis Tincture 1x a day and cover it with a plaster, this way proceed for 2 weeks.

When there are many warts, it is very difficult to treat them one by one. Therefore, one wart is picked out, it doesn't have to be the mother wart. The best is a wart positioned so that it is easily accessible for treatment. This wart is treated with a mushy mass prepared from honey and fine raw propolis. This mash is applied around the wart every other day and patched over. Within 2 to 3 weeks, all the other warts will gradually fall off, with the treated one being the last to fall off. In this way, even warts that have so far resisted everything else, are removed.

Veronika Plevová,family company Pleva

Experience gained by our customers:

„Many thanks for this product and for the information about its use on your website. It helped us get rid of warts after months of repeated burning out at the department of dermatology. My daughter always had her warts back to an even greater extent within a few weeks of the outburning. Nothing else has worked. You saved us a lot of trouble.
Thank you.“

Markéta Koňariková | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Raw Propolis

„We stick it with a patch to my son's foot wart. It takes a long time (about two months), but eventually the wart always disappeared and has not returned.“

Marie Brichtová | source: e-shop, a customer reviewed Raw Propolis

„Thanks to propolis I cured a wart on my leg. The treatment was longer, but it was 100%, and since then it has been 15 or 16 years.“

Marta | source: Facebook, a customer reviewed Raw Propolis

„Hello, hello to Pleva 😊,
this will be, I think, my first review of a product, but I can't let it go and I just have to because I'm EXCITED.
My son (8 years old) started to get warts on his heel, which we dealt using various products from the pharmacy or directly from a doctor, but with no effect, the warts multiplied and I didn´t know how to deal with it and was unhappy. I didn't want to resort to the option of burning the warts out, even though it seemed like the last and only option.
And then I came across your website and your products, and on closer examination I found out that propolis can be used to treat warts.
First I bought raw propolis, which I applied after warming up with a spoon to the wart and sealed it, but the melted propolis was too hard to handle and difficult to apply.
Then I read that propolis drops can also be used to treat warts. So, I started to apply propolis drops to my son´s warts; I instilled it on a cosmetic swab, put it on the warts and covered with a band-aid. I had to be careful, because propolis stains very much, not only the skin, but actually anything it comes in contact with.
We started on 26 October 2020 and in two months, thanks to the propolis drops, we achieved what we had not been able to for a long time before - the warts are gone. In the attachment I am sending photos, which are marked according to how we were going through the treatment.
Hereby I would like to thank you for a great product and I will be very happy if my review and the results of the treatment will help other parents as unhappy as I was originally.“

Zkušenost produkty Pleva a bradavice
Photo taken before the treatment starts...

Zkušenost propolisová tinktura a bradavice
After 5 days of treatment....

Zkušenost propolisové kapky na bradavice
After a month from the start of treatment (propolis stains 😊 )...

Zkušenost propolis na bradavice
After another 11 days, it looks promising 😉...

Zkušenost propolis léčba bradavic
Cured in two months after starting treatment thanks to propolis drops.

Dana Sobotová | source: e-mail, a customer reviewed Propolis drops

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