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Alphabetical list of diseases and ailments, which have been proven in applications of bee products

Thrush roll of cotton wool soaked in propolisových drops - rub sores inside the mouth or. Let now enclosed. It burns, but it helps.

Anemic disease - 3x daily use flower pollen or pollen in honey

Angina - as a supportive treatment and prevention-gargle with propolis mouthwash or mouth spray to spray with propolis

Asthma - Use a teaspoon of honey with propolis in the morning and evening, as well as ginger in honey

Acne - use honey with propolis, while treating the skin with water and a special cream for acne

Leg ulcers - crushing-propolis ointment around someone and the whole

Insect bites - combat with propolis gel

Joint pain and back - delete apisinem ointment (if the pain from the joints) and propolis ointment (if the pain from the muscles).

Toothache - Soak a cotton ball to propolisových drops and put it on the tooth, gum - after that we come to the dentist

1) on the tip of the spoon with a piece of propolis preheats to shoehorn into the wart and taped. Leave it there without a break until the final twist warts. In case of loss, the procedure repeated.
2) a small roll of cotton wool to instill drops propolis and also stick it on the wart. Every night I add to the wool and the loss so do the roll again and sticks. Again, we fall out until complete wart.
Nothing nag, nestříhá etc. It is important that propolis acted on brad.neustále allowing it to get ven.Ona pulls and drops.

Detoxification of the body - use guarana in honey

Eczema - combated with propolis gel or. propolis ointment, use soap with propolis
Hemorrhoids - delete propolis ointment

Herpes - 3 times a day apply ointment with propolis, or. drops with propolis. At the same time it is advisable to use honey with propolis

Festering wounds - treat propolis drops and after the healing ointment with propolis, or. honey ointment

Anemia - 3x daily use pollen or pollen in honey

Influenza - as a supportive treatment and prevention-gargle with propolis mouthwash or mouth spray to spray with propolis

Liver problems - use the pollen in honey and ginger, or. honey with pollen

Cough, cough - use ginger in honey

Menopause - take royal jelly in honey

Haemopoiesis - taking royal jelly in honey and pollen

Varicose veins - combat drops of propolis and propolis ointment at night and wrap

Corns - see warts

Kidney problems - use Schizandra in Chinese honey

Psoriasis - combat ointment with propolis and propolis in honey use

Strained joint - poultice with propolis drops, and then spread propolis ointment

Colds - take warm milk with honey, or honey with the juice of a lemon, or honey, horseradish and ginger in honey

Lack of vit. C and A - Use of honey in the Buckthorn

Nervousness - see fatigue

Insomnia - Chinese Schizandra use in honey, using herbal pillow for a good night's sleep
Low pressure - use Schizandra in Chinese honey, royal jelly in honey

Herpes - attach a cotton ball soaked in propolisových drops, and while leaving. If you create a scab and then erasing it with propolis ointment.

d - 1 dl cold water with a spoon drops propolisových

Calluses - attach the night with a cotton ball and drops of propolis outweigh

Periodontitis - use toothpaste with propolis and massage the gums 2x daily propolis gum drops top-down and bottom reverse

Shingles - viz.herpes

Hand Care - Use regular cream with honey on hand

Mold - see eczema

After a heart attack - 3 times a day we use 10 drops propolisových drops in the fluid, and pollen

Burns - Pour immediately propolis drops and then we swab dipped in the same

Cracked Skin - elbowing ointment with propolis, or use a balm for chapped skin.

Cracked lips - lip balm to combat, or honey with propolis ointment

Injury, scratch - combat with propolis gel

Preventing mold and eczema - after washing hands treated with propolis cream

Pressure ulcers - slight crushing propolis ointment, in the worst cases of propolis cream (better spread)

Prostate - use pollen or pollen in honey

Sexual performance - taking royal jelly in honey and pepper in honey

Burn after irradiation - delete propolis ointment

Sunburn - combat propolis cream - excellent

Heart-trouble-stimulation-use Schizandra in Chinese honey

Stress - taking ginseng root in honey

Itching - combat with propolis gel

Fatigue - Weakness-cup warm water with a spoon of honey and lemon, taking pollen in honey, honey in Chinese Schizandra, ginseng root in honey, guarana in honey, honey in the Buckthorn

Wrinkles - regularly use anti-wrinkle cream and alternating with the cream with royal jelly

Ulcers - 3 times daily 15-20 drops in propolisových cake-1 hour before meals

Exhaustion - viz.únava

Stamina, vitality - use guarana in honey

Hair loss - use together with propolis shampoo hair with water and propolis
High pressure - use pollen popř.pyl in honey, ginger in honey

Skin Nutrition - use cream with honey daily and night cream with honey

Hair Nutrition - use shampoo and hair honey with royal jelly water

Constipation - Use 3 times daily pollen in honey

Bad breath - use mouthwash and oral propolis spray propolis

Inflammation of the kidneys, urinary bladder - used 2x daily drops with propolis - instill the cake, popř.chléb, + urological tea sweetened with honey, use propolis in honey

Inflammation of the nasopharynx, oral cavity - and use diluted mouthwash gargle with propolis, propolis spray

Otitis media - a cotton ball soaked in propolisových insert ear drops

Inflammation of the veins - veins viz.křečové

Jaundice - 1 tablespoon propolisových droplets suspended in a cup cider. Improves intestinal flora, remove the odor of flatulence and stool

Stomach, gall bladdb- to instill drops propolis cake and eat, or a teaspoon of honey propolis, guarana used in honey