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Arthritis: What are the causes of knee pain?

Arthritis: What are the causes of knee pain?

01. 07. 2017

Arthritis belongs to the most common knee problems doctors have to deal with. There are many causes of this disease, most commonly associated with older age and overweight. It is a disease that cannot be completely cured, but its symptoms can be effectively relieved and the pain prevented.

The causes of knee pain

If you can never get out of bed without pain or climb the stairs, it is not necessarily just arthritis. There are many causes of knee pain – severe pain can be caused with stretched ligaments, sprained knee, damaged cartilage or the consequences of a previous injury. However, up to 12 % of the adult population suffers from osteoarthritis, a disease of the musculoskeletal system that damages the cartilage that normally protects the joints. Cartilage damage causes the bones to rub and the patient suffers great pain. Arthritis often occurs in patients over 65 and the result is limited mobility and thus a deterioration in quality of life.

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Arthritis affects older people with higher body weight

Arthritis is a degenerative disease – the joints in the body are inflamed. It occurs in large joints such as the knee or the hip, causing great problems. But even with smaller joints, such as the hands or on the intervertebral discs, arthritis can develop. The causes of the disease are not clear yet, but the most important factor in the occurrence of arthritis is higher age. However, osteoarthritis may also be related to hereditary factors, increased body weight, disproportionate physical strain or extreme stress on the joints. It also occurs in people with uneven limbs.


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Complete healing of osteoarthritis is not possible, but it is possible to cure rheumatoid arthritis. When you start a course of treatment with an expert, it is good to know beforehand how long have been you suffering from your discomfort, where you feel pain, whether the pain occurs at a specific time or is related to certain activities. Treatment usually includes both exercise and physical treatments performed under the guidance of a physical therapist. Part of physical therapy is often magnetotherapy, electrotherapy or hydrotherapy. Acupuncture or ultrasound therapy is also recommended. The pharmacological treatment primarily involves the use of analgesics for pain.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do for your arthritis today

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As with any treatment, the cure depends primarily on the patient’s approach, but also on his willingness to do something active.

If you have a bigger weight problem, the first step is to reduce weight. The specialist will also recommend proper exercise that does strain the joints too much. Therefore you can enjoy swimming and cycling in particular. But prevention is also important. Never let your joints get cold and keep them warm. You can also treat them with a comfrey ointment or other ointment for arthritis (osteoarthritis).

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