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Schizandra - berries full of healing energy

Schizandra - berries full of healing energy
Schizandra fruits, as this plant is said to have been in ancient China considered as a valuable store of nutrients.

It is called the herb of five tastes, as each ball is a mixture of all five flavors - berry is acidic, skin and flesh have a sweet flavor, the smell zrníčkách sharpness and bitterness, and all together is slightly salty. Red balls are Schizandra but interesting combination of flavors, but for its specific properties it is considered a symbol of longevity.


versatile fruit

According to Chinese medicine, Chi strengthens significantly. Moreover, because the fruits have been part of the diet of Chinese emperors and their wives.
In China, berries are popular today, and gradually expands in the Western natural medicine. It is the plant that supports the entire body and returns it harmony. Strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue, soothes, improves vision, a positive effect on the heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and nervous system. Even after thousands of years used to enhance potency and is considered one of the most powerful sexual tonic also affect women's libido.

What's in?

Schizandra berries are the storehouse of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron), lignans, pectin, essential oils and other substances. Very significant is the content of fatty acids in the seeds, contain acids such as linoleic, oleic, linoleic. Thanks to its specific composition of the fruits of Schizandra provide antioxidant protection and have a revitalizing, rejuvenating and invigorating effect.


Method of use

Schizandra berries are eaten dried. In Chinese medicine it is recommended to take one to two teaspoons of berries a day for min. 100days. Schizandra can find in our - in health food stores, pharmacies, clinics as well as traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Another possibility is to use Schizandra in honey!

Why in honey?

schizandra v medu

Because honey is easily digestible, excellent, and highly valuable natural supplement children, convalescents, athletes, etc. Its content corresponds to a healthy diet and increasing the natural resistance of the organism. Honey has natural healing properties of ideal and maintenance nature.

Schizandra in Chinese honey

Your body starts perfectly even when physical and mental strain. Schizandra (klanopraška) is sub-tropical creeper. In Chinese medicine it is called the fruit of five tastes and locals know it for its stimulant effects of the nervous system and thereby increases mental and physical capacity, stimulates the heart and vascular system, brain activity, breathing, increases blood pressure and improves visual acuity. The Vietnamese traditional medicine is used to treat impotence, respiratory problems, in some renal diseases and as a reinforcing agent. Is also used for insomnia, weakness.

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