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Acacia Mead wine 0,5l - Pleva


• no added sugar
• no heating during production
• contains no preservatives, colourings or flavors
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  • Description

    Delicious quality mead from acacia honey

    „Our mead from acacia honey belongs to the most popular bestsellers. It has a fine sweet taste and is made from high quality acacia honey only. We allow the acacia mead mature for a year and a half. Some batches are fermented at low temperatures for a better flavor.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    medovina z akátového medu, medové víno, pleva

    Our most popular single mead

    Our mead of acacia honey is made by fermenting acacia honey with special yeast without added sugar. We have been producing mead for more than fifteen years. Since we cannot use a recipe from an earlier generation, we have developed our own original one. We let ourselves inspire by handbooks, discussed the process with a winemaker, fermented our mead and flavored it. The recipe we use today has been perfected to the smallest detail.

    We ferment the mead at the temperature of 22 to 25 °C, some varieties at a lower temperature of 9 degrees. The fermentation process lasts about a month longer at a low temperature, but after that, many of the aromatic substances are better preserved in the mead and both the fragrance and the taste of the drink becomes much more intense. The fermentation process is more demanding at a lower temperature, which is why it is not applied to every batch. This process has a particularly favorable effect on acacia and linden meads. The fermented mead still does not have a perfect taste and therefore has to mature for another year and a half at least.

    Purely natural composition

    We do care about the purely natural composition of our mead. Therefore, it contains no preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors. Our product is never further flavored, refined or sweetened and of course contains no sugar. We want to keep the important substances in honey and therefore we cold ferment our mead. This means that the honey is not cooked after adding the yeast.

    Each fermentation product has a unique taste that is based on the taste of the honey from which the drink was made. Each batch is thus unique in taste, aroma and color.

    Our online store www.pleva.cz prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.

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  • Parameters 3
    Volume 0,5 l
    Mead from acacia Honig
    Advisor For women; For men; Sweet tooth
  • Reviews 2

    Dobré na ochutnání

    Dobré na ochutnání

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    Miroslav Smetana 20. 11. 2017 | 16:10

    super chuť a barva
    vůně a chuť medu intenzivní
    sladká to mám rád
    všem velice chutnala
    zmizela okamžitě :)
    nejlepší ... more

    super chuť a barva
    vůně a chuť medu intenzivní
    sladká to mám rád
    všem velice chutnala
    zmizela okamžitě :)
    nejlepší jakou sem pil zatím

    objednal jsem pouze 1 lahvičku :)

    objednal jsem pouze 1 lahvičku :)

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