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After shave water with propolis - Pleva

• a fine aroma of propolis
• easier healing of wounds
• quickly soothes an irritated skin More >>

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  • Description

    A handsome man with a great skin

    „A weatherbeaten face sometimes also needs care and treatment. Pimples and small wounds are not exactly attractive. Propolis is fabulous – it relieves razor burn and helps to heal minor wounds. Other ingredients soften and clean the skin. A super aftershave for every skin type.“

    Milan Pleva

    Voda po holení s propolisem

    For managers and mountaineers

    All skin types become irritated from shaving, especially the upper layer of the skin. Even with a healthy and smooth skin the razor blade cuts not only the beard, but also the uneven places on the skin and destroys thus its wholeness. Minor injuries incur as well as scabs and pimples.

    To limit such phenomena, you should always use a very sharp razor blade, avoid cutting the beard repeatedly at a same place and apply an aftershave of good quality afterwards.

    Three reasons why use this aftershave:

    • a fine aroma of propolis
    • easier healing of wounds
    • quickly soothes an irritated skin

    voda po holení s propolisem

    Propolis as a defense

    Only a high quality aftershave is able to soothe the skin after shaving and to prevent a possible inflammation. Any injuries should not be only disinfected, but also healed, and that's why we used an effective ingredient, propolis.

    If you want to look healthy, this aftershave is just right for you. Try it and you will see it yourself ;-)

    Weight: 100g


    In a solid form it is used by the bees to fight off bacteria and viruses. Anything that does not belong in the hive the bees cover carefully with propolis, and thus the matter is clear: their composition actively prevents the spread of microorganisms and protects the entire hive from any infection. People have quickly realized the beneficial effects of propolis and began to use it for skin wounds, skin problems or toothache. It is excellent for acne and for healing of infected wounds.

    We also recommend Cream with honey for men.

    Pánský krém s medem

    A Czech product

    The family business Pleva is an exclusively Czech company without foreign capital participation. The cosmetics is produced only in the Czech Republic.

    logo český výrobek pleva

    Neither our cosmetics nor the raw materials we use are being tested on animals. More information

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    Jaroslav Remeň 06. 11. 2014 | 08:05

    pomaha mi

    pomaha mi

    dostupnost z Ceskej republiky

    dostupnost z Ceskej republiky

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    Hana Černá 19. 05. 2016 | 14:20



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