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Beeswax for many uses

• natural, untreated beeswax
• many uses
• climate-friendly packed in a paper bag
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  • Description

    A long-used bee product

    „Beeswax used to be almost irreplaceable for humans, especially beeswax candles, which were the only source of light. Wax has also been used for sealing ships, waxing, and in the arts.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    Panenský včelí vosk, Pleva

    Maiden beeswax in the household

    Treatment of furniture and wood

    Treating wood with beeswax is a completely natural way of preserving the quality of furniture and other wood products. Beeswax is also an important product when restoring furniture.

    It is easy. Carefully apply the beeswax on the furniture and then polish it with a cloth. The way of application of beeswax on wood always depends on the type and age of the furniture.

    Treatment and impregnation of shoes and leather products

    Beeswax creates a protective layer that protects against bursting, mechanical damage and moisture. When compared to other types of impregnation, the usage of wax guarantees that this method is not harmful, it is even environmentally friendly. Apply the beeswax to the leather and heat gently with a hair dryer.

    Využití včelího vosku, impregnace obuvi, Pleva

    You can even make your own impregnation cream, for example according to the recipe of Dr. med. Titěra (Bee products without myths): Dissolve two parts of wax and one part of mutton tallow in a water bath, then mix. Apply the cold mixture to the leather. The tallow can also be replaced by vaseline.

    An easier variant: dissolve beeswax and oil (preferably fish or linseed oil) in a weight ratio of 1: 3 in a water bath. If you are not satisfied with the consistency, add a little more wax or oil.

    Production of candles

    Beeswax is most commonly used for candle making. Would you like to make a special candle? Or just wrap it? Or make the candles together with your children? Beeswax candles have a wonderful fragrance, they strengthen your inner peace and their aroma is very soothing.  All information can be found in the info box on the right.

    Využití včelího vosku, výroba svíček, Pleva

    Encaustic or decorating Easter eggs

    Encaustic is the popular painting technique of Hanka Plevová, the founder of our company. It means painting with hot wax with the help of an iron. Beeswax has been used for encaustic already in ancient Egypt and is also very popular nowadays because it is simple and the resulting images are quite original.

    Weight: 20 g

    What is beeswax

    And how it is used by the bees? Beeswax is the basic material for the production of honeycombs and is made with a metabolic transformation of the saccharides and pollen in the digestive and wax-producing organs of the bees.

    Jak vzniká včelí vosk, včelí plástve Pleva

    Beeswax is produced by younger bees, workers, when they are 12–18 days old. The wax glands are located at the bottom of their abdomen. The glands are created as pairs on the abdominal scales between the third and the sixth segment. The queens and drones do not have these glands.

    The secretion of the glands cures quickly and turns into white wax scales. Bees hanging in a „grape“ help each other collect the scales from the abdomen and chew them. They add secretion to make the wax plastic and supple. Then they build honeycombs from the wax.

    Napkins with beeswax

    Do you want to try napkins with beeswax? Just buy the napkins from us!

    Did you know that...

    ... inhaling the aroma of a burning beeswax candle is very beneficial?

    svíčka ze včelího vosku, zdravotní účinky, Pleva

    • It helps to gain positive energy.
    • It enhances the concentration.
    • It is a wonderful natural air ionizer.
    • It neutralizes the unpleasant and harmful tobacco smoke.
    • It ensures mental balance and inner peace.
    • If you inhale the aroma of a burning candle for 15–20 minutes before falling asleep, you will sleep deeper, calmer and healthier and wake up full of energy and good humor.

    Source: Ing. Š. Demeter, CSc.: Apitherapy – Healing with Bee Products

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