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Calendar 2017 - Message for you - Hana Foff Plevová

Painted with enthusiasm
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    Message for you

    „With love I have for you created a calendar wax technique - encaustic. I loved it as soon as I first tried it. I enjoy what I can build an iron and wax. Every picture he draws you into its mystical world and I always feel a special feeling. In each picture I put positive energy.“

    Hanka Plevová
    leisure painter

    Hanka Plevová fifipírko

    What is encaustic for me?

    For me it's creation, the advance do not know what exactly arises. I have an idea, but after every turn iron is a surprise. Crayon or brush it just can not create. In the abstract images seen 100 people of 100 different things. I look forward to what you will see in the images you.

    For you

    In each figure, I pressed a positive energy and a message for you. I believe it to you this way comes.

    Hanka Plevová

    Hanka Plevová fifipírko

    More about the calendar...

    • ... sample months

    Look for a few months.

    - Thus it looks like the month of May.

    Kalendář enkaustika- květen

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    Kalendář enkaustika - červen

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