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Cream with a soothing drop of poison

• protects against free radicals
• firm and supple skin
• reduces wrinkles
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  • Description

    Poisonous beauty

    „A nourishing cream with a light consistency, based on natural oils and waxes, which absorbs very well, efficiently moisturizes and restores the damaged lipid film. Extracts from seaweed and apisin promote the production of collagen and protect the skin against free radicals. Regular use of the cream helps to prevent the signs of aging. The cream makes the skin suppler and smoother.“

    Hanka Plevová
    founder of the family business

    Krém s kapičkou včelího jedu pleva

    Starring apisin

    The most important and completely unique component of the cream is bee venom, sometimes called Apisin or Apitoxin. It influences greatly the softness of the skin and revitalizes it. Another important feature of the cream is its anti-inflammatory effect which makes it suitable for blemished skin.

    Three oils warm-up

    The active ingredients of the cream are incorporated into a unique combination of plant oils and shea butter. They have already per se moisturizing and regenerating qualities. They make the skin elastic and smooth, support the blood circulation and create a protective barrier against harmful environmental influences. A specially patented natural emulsifier based on olive oil produces so-called liquid crystals. They bind the active ingredients: Apisin, algae and vitamins. This ensures an highly efficient transport of these components into the deeper layers of skin. The effect is much higher than in conventional creams.

    Včelky obdivují krém se včelím jedem

    Shea butter

    Shea butter has always been used not only in skin care, but also as an agent that supports the healing of small wounds and burns and calms irritated skin.

    Kalpariane – an extract of seaweed

    The last ingredient is an extract from brown algae. Algae has been used for decades already as a component of different creams. It has a positive impact on the quality of the skin thanks to its moisturizing ability. Kalpariane is also able to effectively combat the effects of aging by preventing the breakdown of collagen in the skin and it protects the skin against free radicals as well. In this manner, the wrinkles are effectively reduced. The percentage of different oils in the cream was calculated so that they absorb quickly and the skin is not greasy on the surface.

    Weight: 50g

    Why and how clean the skin?

    Cleansing the skin is very important so that the active ingredients of the cream penetrate into the deeper layers. Massage the face with circular movements of the fingertips with some skin milk. Let the cream work for a while and then rinse the face with water. Put a small amount of lotion on a cotton ball and clean the skin gently. Then dab the cream gently onto the skin.

    Natural ingredients

    The Cream with a soothing drop of poison is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
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    How do we gain bee poison?

    When the bee poison, apisin, is collected, we use the relative resistance of the bee sting in order not to hurt the bees. The bees run over a glass pane, which is covered with a plastic foil.

    Včelí žihadlo - zadek, zadeček

    Between the glass and the foil is a thin wire which sends a weak electric impulse to stimulate the bees. The bees sting the glass and leave a drop of the poison on the foil. Thanks to the foil they can pull out the sting again without being injured.

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    Vlasta Kolbová 04. 07. 2016 | 09:38

    nedráždí pokožku, ani v okolí očí, už pár dní po aplikaci je poznat jemnější a pružnější pokožka.

    nedráždí pokožku, ani v okolí očí, už pár dní po aplikaci je poznat jemnější a pružnější pokožka.

    nenašla jsem.

    nenašla jsem.

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    Eva Nezdarová 15. 03. 2017 | 20:44

    Není to můj šálek kávy ;-)

    Není to můj šálek kávy ;-)

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    Skvělý krém i na citlivou pleť...doporučuji...

    Skvělý krém i na citlivou pleť...doporučuji...

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