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Decolletage cream with honey

• Strengthens the skin
• Enhances self-confidence
• Contains antioxidants and honey
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  • Description

    Enjoy your finest dresses again!

    „It is not necessary to let your happiness be spoiled when looking at the tired skin of the decolletage after you have bought a new piece of clothing. We have prepared this special day cream for you to firm your skin, moisturize it and regenerate it so that you can look forward to the new dress. The cream contains besides honey also date extract, the extracts from algae and Gatuline In-Tense – all very effective substances, which effectively smooth the wrinkles. In addition, the cream also reduces pigment spots and slows down the aging process.“

    Hanka Plevová
    founder of the family company

    Krém na dekolt, přírodní složení Pleva

    Beautiful decolletage

    Most women are worried over time because of tired skin and wrinkles on their face. Little attention is paid to the cleavage, though this area is often looked at. The decolletage is also very much affected with sunrays, wind and strain on chest.
    This cream helps to regenerate the cells, supports the elasticity of the skin and removes skin folds. Throw away the roll-neck sweater and be proud of your cleavage – it can look attractive even at 35 years, at an age when we can already feel the deficit of the collagen.

    Extracts of honey and dates

    Krém jsme chtěli udělat čistě přírodní a maximálně využít přirozené suroviny. Chybět tedy nesměl ani náš med. Další významnou složkou je pak extrakt z datlí d´Orientine S – právě ten stojí za antioxidačními účinky a výrazně pomáhá vyhlazovat vrásky.
    Zbavte se vadnoucí pokožky a posilte své sebevědomí. Krém na dekolt zajistí, že vaše oblíbené kousky oblečení nebudou muset zůstávat ve skříni. Více o d´Orientine S

    Krém na dekolt- pleva, přírodní složení

    EPS White

    A special extract from algae, EPS White, is the first active ingredient that can reduce the occurence of pigment spots. Such spots are caused for example by polluted air or various inflammatory processes. EPS White balances the color of the skin and the spots gradually disappear.

    Gatuline In-Tense

    When producing this pure natural cream, we have paid attention to the maximum use of natural components. Our honey is not to be missed. Another important component is an extract of dates – it has an antioxidant effect and smooths the wrinkles.
    Get rid of tired skin and strengthen your self confidence! Our decolletage cream ensures that your favorite dresses do not have to remain in the wardrobe anymore.

    Weight: 50 g

    Date extract

    We know the date palms mainly grow in warm countries, often in Africa, Australia and Mexico. Apart from an excellent spread from the fruits, dates have been used also for other purposes – an extract of ripe dates has a very beneficial effect on the skin.

    Datle palma, extrakt z datlí

    We have blended this delicate, slightly oily liquid with a sweet smell as a main component into the cream to smooth the wrinkles. It softens the skin, makes it supple and helps to regenerate it, so that not only the process of aging is slowed, but the skin is actively rejuvenated at the same time.

    Natural ingredients

    The Elixir of youth with royal jelly is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
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    příjemná jemná vůně
    skvěle hydratuje pleť bez pocitu mastnoty

    příjemná jemná vůně
    skvěle hydratuje pleť bez pocitu mastnoty

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