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Elixir of youth with royal jelly

• Quickly absorbing and soothing
• Gives a feeling of lightness and purity
• Attractive even at 45

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  • Description

    Radiant skin in mature age

    „Enjoy the feeling of wonderfully smooth skin, even if you are already over forty. The composition of this cream was developed for all women who have to face the loss of collagen and who fight wrinkles. The elixir contains both royal jelly and the special ingredients d’Orientine S and Pentavitin and gives the skin back its lost strength and moisture. The extract of algae SP reduces the occurence of pigment spots. Be attractive and full of energy again – the mental balance begins on the surface.“

    Hanka Plevová
    founder of the family company elixir then

    Elixír mládí s mateří kašičkou - pleva, přírodní složení

    The importance of collagen

    The firmness and elasticity of the skin are influenced by many factors, but collagen is the most important one. The loss of collagen begins at the age of 25, the first wrinkles develop slowly from the age of 30. The composition of this cream has been put together especially for women over 45 years who already have to deal with wrinkles and a noticeable loss of skin elasticity. If the skin gets enough collagen supply, it becomes firm, smooth and supple. Your face will look beautiful and youthful again.

    Pentavitine provides moisture

    Do you suffer from dry skin? As the age progresses, skin moisture gradually decreases and the skin slowly dries out. It can become moist again, though, thanks to the 100% natural component Pentavitine. This component ensures that your skin stays moist for up to 72 hours.

    Elixír mládí s mateří kašičkou - pleva, přírodní složení

    Skin food from nature

    The elixir contains a few other completely natural ingredients that nourish the skin and promote the regeneration of the cells. These are for example rosehip oil, shea butter extract or royal jelly, directly from the bees. This mixture provides the skin with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which can stimulate the cells just as well as a morning coffee.

    EPS-White for a problem-free skin

    A special extract from algae, EPS White, is the first active ingredient that can reduce the occurence of pigment spots. Such spots are caused for example by polluted air or various inflammatory processes. EPS White balances the color of the skin and the spots gradually disappear.

    Vegetal Ceramides BGS

    Vegetal Ceramides BGS is a component made from rice extract that contains a mixture of ceramides and phospholipids. The ceramides support several important processes that protect and strengthen the skin layers, create the skin barrier and regulate the supply of water. The cosmetic application of Vegetal Ceramides BGS moistens sufficiently the skin, strengthens the function of the skin barrier and protects the skin from the aggressive influences of the environment.

    Weight: 30g

    D’Orientina S

    The most important component – d’Orientina S – should also be mentioned. It actively smoothes the existing wrinkles and can even prevent the skin from developing new ones. It is again a 100% natural component contained in date seeds. Its effectivity is based on free radicals that cleanse the skin and promote the regeneration and restoration of its barrier function.

    Elixír mládí - Pleva

    Natural ingredients

    The Decolletage cream with honey is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
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