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Floating Christmas candles from beeswax - Quantity pcs: 1 Pcs.

• christmas tradition with beeswax fragrance
• candles floating in a bowl
• which candle stays afloat the longest?
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    An entertaining Christmas family tradition

    „Floating Christmas candles – a simple and merry costume! Let the burning candles float on the water surface. Each member of the family has a small candle that looks like a boat. In which direction will the candle swim and which candle will stay on the water the longest?"

    Vánoční plovoucí svíčky ze včelího vosku, Pleva

    What does the direction in which the Christmas candles float mean?

    We recommend placing the boats on the water at the edge of the bowl. There is a whole range of interpretations of what the different directions in which the boats float mean.

    Many families have their own popular explanations, as follows:

    • The boats form a group in the middle of the bowl? Then the family will live happily together in the coming year.

    • If the boat stays on the edge, nothing will change in the life of the owner of the candle.

    • If the path of your boat crosses with someone else’s, that means plenty of love and good working conditions.

    • The boat floating fastest shows that its owner will be very successful next year.

    • If your boat remains in the middle, you will travel the world.

    • If your boat floats on the edge, you will stay at home for another year.

    • The candle in your boat keeps burning on the water surface for a long time? Then you will have a long and happy life.

    Vánoční plovoucí svíčky ze včelího vosku, Pleva

    Why just our floating candles?

    You can make your own floating candles from walnut shells, they are beautiful and festive. Our candles, however, will float on the water for a long time. We guarantee that!

    What shape of Christmas candle will I get?

    It is best to get surprised! We will prepare a selection of different candle shapes for you. However, if you have a specific idea of how your floating candle should look like, please write it in the appropriate box when ordering.

    Did you know that...

    ... inhaling burned beeswax is beneficial?

    • It provides energy and positive mood.
    • It improves concentration.
    • It acts like a natural air ionizer.
    • It neutralizes unpleasant and harmful tobacco smoke.
    • It brings inner peace and balance.
    • Just let the beeswax candle burn for 15–20 minutes before going to bed. You will sleep deeply, calmly and healthily and wake up with a feeling of strength and good health.

    Source: Ing. Š. Demeter: Apitherapy – Healing Bee Products,, page 160

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    Lukáš Pleva 03. 06. 2020 | 14:23

    Krásně voní

    Krásně voní

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    Krásně voní.

    Krásně voní.

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    Iveta Polívková 27. 07. 2017 | 08:06

    výborně plavou

    výborně plavou

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