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Honey gift set - Pleva

• delicious homemade honey
• original flavor combinations
• a sweet gift brings always joy More >>

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    Try our fine honey with different flavors

    „Are you looking for a gift for someone who appreciates a true Czech product, enjoys good food and cares about his health? Everyone is going to like our gift box with three kinds of honey. The gift box contains three small glasses of honey.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    Dárková sada medů - pleva,

    You can choose between a selection of honey varieties with admixtures or without admixtures. Have you heard of our honey varieties with admixtures yet? No? Then you can look forward to this experience. We offer a whole range of honey varieties with admixture. We recommend honey with royal jelly or with pollen to beginners. The connoisseurs can taste honey with buckthorn, Chinese Schizandra Berry and other admixtures.

    Dárková sada medů - pleva

    About honey

    Honey is the most famous and the most important bee product. It can be used as a healthy sweetener, but provides also a valuable dietary food. Although some products and foodstuffs are being called “natural” nowadays, the reality is often quite different. But honey really is a genuine natural product. The bees collect the nectar, the honeydew and other sweet juices of natural origin, enrich them with substances from their own body (enzymes and animal proteins from glands in the pharynx), change them in their digestive system and store them in the honeycombs. The mixture matures there and turns into honey.

    Sorts of honey

    The two most common varieties of honey are flower honey and honeydew honey. Flower honey is quite light and contains the juices of early flowering flowers of fruit trees, meadow flowers or for example the flowers of a flowering rape plant. This honey contains simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and is therefore very easily digestible. Honeydew honey is usually darker because of the content of vegetable pigments of the tree sap. Compared to the flowering honey, it also contains more fructose, minerals and trace elements, which are very useful for humans. When talking about honey, most people think first of the darker flower honey, which is very popular because of its nice fragrance and good taste. There are also other kinds of honey, for example creamed honey (a kind of flower honey).

    A perfect source of energy

    Honey contains simple sugars, which enter the blood directly through the mucous membranes. The simple sugar content provides an immediate supply of energy and helps to create muscle tissue. The fast energy supply is particularly important for manual workers, sportsmen or hardworking homemakers.

    A healthy sweetener

    Honey is also considered an ideal and healthy sweetener. The grandparents sweetened their tea or coffee with honey and the mothers who care for the health of their children use honey when baking rather than sugar. For many people it is a reasonable substitution of white, refined sugar. Honey contains vital and healthy substances. Therefore, it is often referred to as the “elixir of health and a long life”. Honey contains not only simple sugars (fructose and glucose) but also vitamins A, B and C, minerals, calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium, iron and the important amino acids.

    Weight: 3 x 170g

    Crystallization of honey

    If you consider the crystallization of honey a process that affects its quality, think twice. Crystallization is a natural property of honey and guarantees its authenticity.

    dárková krabička s medy, krystalizace

    Certain honey varieties crystallize very quickly – for example rape plant honey can crystallize within a week or two. Acacia honey, on the other hand, crystallizes very slowly and remains conveniently liquid for up to two years. Crystallized honey can be used without hesitation when baking, cooking and sweetening.

    Creamed honey

    Crystallized honey is ground up into a paste. This process reduces most of the crystals in it. The result, creamed honey, is soft, easy to apply, does not drip from the bread and can be spread in a thicker layer.

    dárková krabička s medy, pastování

  • Reviews 1
    Petra Bukovská 02. 01. 2017 | 11:02

    jako dárek pro mé nejdražší, výběr z několika druhů medu - :-)

    jako dárek pro mé nejdražší, výběr z několika druhů medu - :-)

    vytkla bych akorát papírovou krabičku, na těžkost medů se mi rozpadla :-( , ale to už je jen malý detail.

    vytkla bych akorát papírovou krabičku, na těžkost medů se mi rozpadla :-( , ale to už je jen malý detail.

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