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Honey lip balm with vanilla flavor

• natural lip protection
• practical application with lipstick
• contains a large amount of bee products
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  • Description

    A soft protection for strained lips

    „Our vanilla-flavored lip balm nourishes your lips and softens them in all seasons and weather conditions. We have developed a special lip balm for clients who change their surrounding several times a day. Our vanilla-flavored lip balm keeps your lips moist and supple throughout the day. Always keep it in your purse – you will have a beautiful smile all the time.“

    Hanka Plevová
    founder of the company

    Medový balzám na rty kulička - Pleva,

    Effective bee products

    Our vanilla-flavored lip balm contains a large amount of active ingredients made by bees.

    medový Balzám na rty s příchutí vanilky, tyčinka - Pleva

    Propolis gently treats your lips and helps with small sores. The aromatic honey provides the lips with nutrients and moisture. It prevents the lips from drying out and cracking. Beeswax protects against the effects of weather, keeps the lips supple and gives them a beautiful and natural appearance. The fine oils – grape oil and sunflower oil – also care for your lips. All the ingredients of the vanilla-flavored lip balm are natural.

    Vanilla fragrance is magical

    The fragrance of our vanilla-flavored lip balm reminds of Christmas cookies with real vanilla or of high-quality vanilla ice cream. It lends your everyday life a wonderful fragrance and reminds you of the atmosphere of the winter holidays. You will feel as if you have just taken out the first sheet of Christmas cookies from the oven. Your lips will smell just as sweet every day. You can treat yourself daily to the extraordinary scent of vanilla and experience the festive moments throughout the year.

    medový Balzám na rty s příchutí vanilky, tyčinka - Pleva

    A warming balm for bad weather

    Our fragrant and very effective vanilla-flavored lip balm is suitable for cold and windy autumn months, frosty winter days as well as for the changeable spring weather and hot sunny days in the city or on the beach. It protects your lips from cracks. Thanks to the bee products, the lips will not dry out even on windy autumn days and remain beautifully smooth and supple.

    medový Balzám na rty s příchutí vanilky, tyčinka - Pleva

    The lip balm can be used everywhere – when skiing in winter, in everyday life, if you have to enter an overheated office several times or if you go the other way, out of an air-conditioned office into the summer heat outside. These moments present a special challenge for your lips. Thanks to our vanilla-flavored balm, you can help them stay beautiful and healthy.

    Weight: 7 g

    A practical lipstick

    Our vanilla-flavored lip balm comes in the form of a handy lipstick so that you can easily find it in your pocket and use it right away. Unlike a balm in a pot, our lipstick ensures that your fingers always stay clean and only the necessary amount of balm needs to be used. Thanks to the practical lipstick, just the right amount of balm is applied. If your lips are sensitive or wounded, the balm may be applied more frequently or in multiple layers. Propolis calms the small wounds very fast.

    Aromatic vanilla

    Medový balzám na rty kulička - Pleva

    Vanilla, an aromatic spice from Mexico, was already known by the Toltecs and Aztecs. The vanilla was then called „black pod“" and used for the production of drinks made from cocoa beans as well as of pancakes. It also served as a resource and a tonic for the overall strengthening of the organism. Vanilla is still used today in sweet foods and drinks. The food industry uses vanilla as an ingredient in cakes, ice cream and chocolate. The beverage manufacturers also tried to use a synthetic form of vanilla. This did not prove effective, however, and the original natural vanilla is much preferred nowadays. The vanilla extract is also used in cosmetics and in the production of perfumes and fragrances.

    Our lip balms with honey

    If you find vanilla too aromatic and intense, just try our traditional lip balm sorts. Our Lip balm with honey, provided in a handy roll-on, moisturizes the lips effectively. You will definitely like its gentle camomile scent. You can also try the strengths of honey and chamomile in our Lip balm with honey in a pot that can be applied with fingers.

    Natural ingredients

    The Lip balm with vanilla flavor is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
    More information

    The green linden leaf marks a natural product logo český výrobek pleva

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    Příjemně voní a lehce se nanáší. Rty udržuje vláčné.

    Příjemně voní a lehce se nanáší. Rty udržuje vláčné.

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