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Linden Mead wine 0,5l - Pleva


• no added sugar
• no heating during production
• contains no preservatives, colourings or flavors
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  • Description

    Delicious quality mead from linden honey

    „Our mead made from linden honey has a very fine taste. It is made by fermenting linden honey with special yeast, without added sugar. Since we want to preserve the important ingredients of honey, we do not use heat treatment in the production of mead. Our mead from linden honey is a particularly tasty drink thanks to a careful production process, long maturation and adequate storage.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    medovina z lipového medu, medové víno, pleva

    Special production

    We began producing honey 15 years ago. The first fermentation took place with a small amount only, 10 liters, and it was very successful. During the first years of production, we read a lot of handbooks, discussed the whole process with a winemaker, paid attention to optimal storage conditions, controlled the temperature during production and the maturing process and tasted the mead regularly.

    We make sure that our mead of linden honey contains no sugar. The taste of the mead shows the quality of the honey used. In a professional production, it is simply not possible to replace honey with an inferior or completely different raw material. The production of our meads is subject to a strict ban on the use of preservatives, artificial colorings, souring and sweetening. The result is a natural taste of honey, an important part of the beverage.

    Each batch is original

    Although we stick to our traditional production methods, the taste of each batch often differs. The differences depend on the honey from which the mead is made, but also on the temperature at which the fermentation takes place. Fermentation at a lower temperature, about 9 °C, takes one month longer than fermentation at a normal fermentation temperature of 22 to 25 °C. A larger proportion of the flavors is preserved in a cold fermented drink and its taste is fuller and rounder.

    Low temperature fermentation is most commonly used in the production of mead from linden and acacia honey. The resulting drink has a very pleasant and intense fragrance.

    Sometimes, customers ask if the sediment in the mead determines its age or quality, or if it has something to do with the honey from which the mead had been produced. None of this is correct. The sediment is natural for the mead. It is present in some batches, but not in all of them.

    Our online store www.pleva.cz prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.

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    Volume 0,5 l
    Mead from Linden honey
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