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Massage balm with propolis - Pleva

• ginger extract supports the blood circulation in the skin
•methylsulfonmethan (MSM) to relieve pain and inhibit inflammation
• chondroitin sulfate strengthens the connective tissue and prevents the breakdown of collagen in the joints
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  • Description

    A suitable massage relaxes your muscles and joints

    „After an exhausting day I always relax and do something beneficial for my feet, hands and the entire spine. The best solution is a gentle massage that effectively relieves the joints, tendons and muscles, promotes blood circulation and supplies nutrition. The next morning I feel refreshed and full of energy again.“

    Hanka Plevová

    Masážní balzám s propolisem

    The unique composition of propolis

    We have included several active substances in this balm, the most important of them is propolis. A massage can relax muscles tired and tense after an exercise or a challenging task. Propolis is known for its healing properties. Propolis is an amazing gift of nature, used by the bees as an essential protection against viruses, germs or other infection in the hive. And what are the other main components of the balm?

    When oil is not enough

    Many people think a massage belongs either to sports or relaxation. In both cases, as you probably know, it is used to remove muscle tension. A massage relieves spasms, perfuses the skin and contributes to faster regeneration. Within moments we can feel fit again.

    Masážní balzám s propolisem - Pleva

    Especially when exercising or being under any physical stress it is very important that the skin relaxes not only physically. An oil massage soothes and warms the tissue, but does not nourish it. And then the massage balm with propolis comes in handy with a variety of special components for the care of muscles, tendons and joints.

    Weight: 150g

    Anti-stress massage

    plovoucí svíčky

    Stress is a classic defensive reaction in a risky situation. The heart beats fast, the muscles tense up. We are now better prepared to escape. We can not flee, though, in everyday life and must face the stress otherwise. It is therefore advisable at the end of the day to show the body and the contracted muscles that there will be no more stress today. Treat yourself to a massage and a bath and relax. Light some candles, listen to pleasant music and the worries will fly away quickly.

    A Czech product

    The family business Pleva is an exclusively Czech company without foreign capital participation. The cosmetics is produced only in the Czech Republic.

    logo český výrobek pleva

    Neither our cosmetics nor the raw materials we use are being tested on animals. More information

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