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Night cream with honey

• night cream for a perfect supply of nutrients to the skin
• regenerates the skin and improves blood circulation
• rich composition with the best ingredients
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  • Description

    Gentle and natural
    night care

    „This cream takes care of your skin all night long and supplies it with all the important substances contained in honey (vitamins, proteins, enzymes, minerals). The cream provides your skin with nutrients, improves blood circulation in face area and regenerates the skin. Shea butter and almond oil provide the skin with nutrients and moisten it. The natural squalane makes the skin radiant and supple. Allow your skin to rest well, you will be rewarded with an attractive look the next morning!“

    Hanka Plevová
    Founder of the family company

    Pleťový krém s medem noční - pleva,

    Nutrients are extremely important

    The oil of sweet almonds is a real treasure. We added this oil into our Night cream with honey to make it even more nutritious. The oil is rich in potassium and calcium and contains the vitamins A, E and K. Thanks to its unique ingredients, the oil completely regenerates and strengthens your skin.

    The sweet almond oil protects the skin from drying out. It is very well complemented by cold pressed sunflower oil, which contains a large amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E also supports the regeneration of the skin.

    Pleťový krém s medem noční - pleva

    What makes the skin supple?

    The main ingredient of a honey cream is of course honey. It moisturizes the skin, soothes it if irritated and the many vitamins it contains provide for regeneration. A dry or chapped skin feels immediately better.

    Squalane is a very useful substance extracted from sugar cane. The cream has been supplemented with this substance because squalane makes the skin firmer and prevents the development of wrinkles. Squalane makes your skin beautifully radiant and smooth.

    Pleťový krém s medem noční - pleva

    The ideal moistening of the skin

    This cream was made from cold-pressed organic shea butter, which contains the vitamins A, D, E, F and others.

    Thanks to the fabulous properties of shea butter, your skin will be completely moisturized and regenerated. Our Night cream with honey also effectively slows down the appearance of first wrinkles.

    Pleťový krém s medem noční - pleva

    Weight: 50 g

    Suitable as a night cream for normal and dry skin.

    What cream should I use during the day?

    It is best to use different creams during the day and at night – the skin needs very different treatments. Try for example our natural Day cream with honey – a lighter and finer version with macadamia oil.

    Why should I use different creams during the day and at night?

    One has to keep in mind that our skin is exposed to very different factors during the day and at night. During the day, the skin has to face many unfavorable influences from the outside, such as changes of temperature or the effects of air conditioning. It is not necessary to protect the skin so carefully during the night, but it needs a sufficient regeneration.

    Day creams are often light and soft and have a fine consistency. A day cream should moisten the skin sufficiently and provide for the necessary supply of important substances to the cells, that have to fight the effects of the environment all day long. Many women apply make-up after having applied cream to the skin, Therefore, a day cream must absorb quickly and the skin should not stay greasy.

    The night creams often contain a greater amount of softening and moisturizing substances, such as different oils. They help to renew the protective barrier of the skin and provide the skin with necessary substances. Many women do not mind a greasy-looking skin at night, but during the day it is not desirable. A high-quality night cream soothes the skin, provides it with nutrients and moisturizes it, so that the face has a wonderfully supple and smooth look in the morning.

    Natural ingredients

    The Night cream with honey is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully. More information

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    Je přesně takový, jak jsem od nočního krému čekala - je hutný, voňavý, no prostě skvělý. Koupím si ho zase.

    Je přesně takový, jak jsem od nočního krému čekala - je hutný, voňavý, no prostě skvělý. Koupím si ho zase.

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    irena kandusová 08. 10. 2015 | 13:39

    mám citlivou plet a tento výrobek mi dělá velmi dobře plet je po něm krásně hebká a voním po medu super

    mám citlivou plet a tento výrobek mi dělá velmi dobře plet je po něm krásně hebká a voním po medu super

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    Nemá chybu, výborný

    Nemá chybu, výborný

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