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Pepper in honey - Pleva

• Czech honey
• Sweet as honey, sharp as pepper
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    Sweet as honey, sharp as pepper

    Enjoy the sweet taste of honey combined with spicy pepper. In addition to an interesting experience, you can do something for your body – pepper provokes (stimulates) it is so many different ways! In monasteries, pepper used to be banned, so the monks’ souls wouldn’t get too over-excited. It is also not without interest that people with a fiery temper – for instance South Americans or Hungarians – rank among the world’s primary pepper consumers. We recommend a moderate dosage: adults one teaspoon twice a day, children half a teaspoon twice a day. Pepper honey is not suitable for children under three years and for those who have a sensitive stomach. Mix if necessary.

    Hanka Plevová

    Weight: 250g

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