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Perga pollen - Beebread

• a unique combination of ingredients
• bee bread
• easy and fast to use
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  • Description

    A small package
    full of energy

    „Did you know that bee pollen can also be useful? It contains an absolutely unique combination of ingredients that provide a lasting natural support. It is not surprising that the bees provide food for the entire hive with the gathered bee pollen.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    Perga pyl

    Perga - bee bread

    The term „Perga“ stands for honeycomb pollen. The bees process the gathered pollen – they compress the individual grains with their heads into a mass called bee bread. Honey and the secretions of bee glands are inserted between the layers.

    včelí chléb, pyl perga

    In this state begins the lactic acid fermentation, the protective coat of pollen grains bursts and thus the pollen becomes more digestible, according to some sources up to fifty percent. That is why this type of pollen is called bee bread.

    včelí chléb, pyl perga

    Bee bread is necessary for the survival of the bees. Without this kind of pollen, the feeding bees could neither produce food for the embryos nor nourishing juice for the queen bee.

    Gewicht: 90 g
    Country of origin: Czech Republic

    We offer two varieties of pollen:

    Fresh pollen – pollen collected in the hive just after the arrival of the bee.

    Perga pollen (Beebread) – pollen that had already been processed by the bees and is easier to digest. Its production is more difficult and makes it more expensive.

    včelí pyl rouskovaný, včelí pyl perga - včelí chléb

    How much time does a bee need...

    ...to collect two pollen balls?

    A bee has to fly out 4–6 times a day to collect two pollen balls in a twenty to eighty minutes period. The two pollen balls weigh between 8 and 25 mg and contain the unbelievable amount of 3–4 millions pollen grains. One pollen cell contains 0,3 g of pollen and is sufficient for the rearing of two young bees. During the spring, a bee colony consumes about 5–6 kg of pollen.

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