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Propolis cream for men

• moisturizes the skin and protects it from UV rays
• soothes the skin after shave
• absorbs very well into the skin
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  • Description

    Men care made to measure

    „Our unique skin cream with propolis for men was specially developed for male skin. This moisturizing day cream protects against UV rays and the influence of adverse weather conditions. It soothes and renews the skin after shaving. The cream has a light consistency, absorbs very well and makes the skin supple and smooth without a greasy feeling. The skin remains firm and smooth because of the ingredients. The cream has a pleasant fragrance of bergamot oil and propolis.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    Pánský krém s medem - pleva,

    Male skin needs proper care

    That is why we developed our all-natural skin cream specially for male skin. If we use the usual terminology from women’s cosmetics here, the honey cream is a moisturizing day cream. We assume that it will be the only cream on a man’s cosmetic shelf and that is why we developed it as a cream for everyday use.

    It protects the skin from UV rays during the day and in adverse weather conditions. After evening shave, the skin is sufficiently moistened and the negative effects of shaving are balanced. The cream absors very well because we assume that men usually did not spend a long time in the bathroom. The cream smoothes the wrinkles and supports the formation of a protective layer on the skin.

    Male skin is as sensitive as female skin. The sun dries it out as well, it has to face strong wind and is irritated by shaving several times a week. Male skin, like fine female skin, needs the same moisture, protection and care.

    Pánský krém s medem

    Women are often amazed that their husbands use the wife’s hand cream from time to time, but the need to moisturize dry skin is natural. We are firmly convinced that men could also use their own high-quality cosmetics, and therefore we developed this unique cream just for them. This outstanding cream for men is ideal as a gift for the husband, father or father-in-law. Men will appreciate them both in cold seasons and in spring when the skin becomes as tired as the whole organism. The cream absorbs very quickly and has a fine fragrance of bergamot oil and propolis. All male customers will definitely like it.

    Effective because of special ingredients

    The cream has a very light consistency. It contains Olivem 1000, a natural emulsifier made from olive oil, which moisturizes and strengthens the skin and protects it from adverse weather conditions.

    The effect is further supported by squalane, a natural ingredient that is produced naturally as a by-product of sugar cane processing. Squalane renews the natural moisture of the skin – it is an important part of skin care. The cream makes the skin soft and supple, supports its firmness and reduces wrinkles.

    Apricot oil enhances the moisture level of the skin, enriches it with provitamin A and its unsaturated fatty acids provide it with a youthful appearance.

    Pánský krém s medem

    Because of propolis, the cream has a visible regenerative effect. It has also antiseptic properties and is well suited for the care of problematic skin. It speeds up the healing process and works against the formation of small scars because it increases the elasticity of the skin. It effectively protects against free radicals and oxidative stress and makes the skin smooth and supple. Propolis also increases skin permeability. All the nutrients it contains thus penetrate deeper under the skin surface.

    The cream also contains Antileukine 6, an algae extract that significantly soothes irritated skin with red spots and can therefore be effectively used after shaving. Antileukine 6 also protects the DNA of the skin cells from UV rays, strengthens the protective acid mantle of the skin and moisturizes the skin optimally. The cream therefore protects the skin effectively from aging.

    Weight: 50 g

    The basic cosmetic equipment for men

    Luckily, the days when men used only shampoo and soap are over. Although a man’s cosmetics shelf is definitely not crammed with care products, it should at least contain basic equipment:

    A high quality shower shampoo, e.g. our Mens shower shampoo with honey, especially developed for men, that washes hair and body thoroughly and has a wonderful fragrance.

    Mens shower shampoo with honey

    For quick skin care we recommend our Shower cream with propolis for men that washes effectively and moisturizes the skin.

    Shower cream with propolis for men

    And a soothing aftershave, we recommend our After shave water with propolis.

    After shave water with propolis


    Important component of the cream is propolis, a rich mixture of bioactive substances, resins, essential oils and bee pollen. Propolis is collected by the bees on plants and tree buds and used in the beehive as a protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. Propolis contains 10 % of essential oils that provide the cream with a wonderful fragrance.

    The men care more about their shirts than their faces...

    ... although the cosmetics for men have roots already in the old times. In the beginning it had ritual purposes. First records of cosmetics were found already in ancient Egypt and Greece. In Egypt, oils or creams with honey wax were used. They served as protection of the skin against storms, like our Cream for men. The Egyptian workers even received protective oils as a part of their salary. The noblemen used eyeshadows, eyepencils and lipsticks and dyed their nails red with clay.

    Natural ingredients

    The Propolis cream for men is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
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    The green linden leaf marks a natural product logo český výrobek pleva

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    Je výborný. Příteli pomáhá i při problémech s velmi citlivou a suchou pokožkou obličeje.

    Je výborný. Příteli pomáhá i při problémech s velmi citlivou a suchou pokožkou obličeje.

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    Výborný pánský krém, chlapci jsou s ním naprosto spokojeni.

    Výborný pánský krém, chlapci jsou s ním naprosto spokojeni.

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    Administrator Veronika Plevová, Rodinná firma Pleva (Administrator) 25. 07. 2016 | 06:33

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