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Raw Propolis - Pleva

• effective against inflammation
• fights bacteria, germs and viruses
• a wonder of nature
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  • Description

    The nature finds always a solution

    „Propolis consists of a rich mixture of bioactive substances, resin, essential oils and pollen collected by the bees from different plants. Propolis helps to cure inflammation and pain and combats bacteria, bacilli and viruses.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company

    Propolis surový - pleva

    Nature knows what to do

    When a source of infection penetrates the beehive, the bees cover it immediately with propolis. Propolis is a resin-like substance that actively combats bacteria and microorganisms. The antiseptic and healing properties of propolis can therefore also be used on our body.

    Propolis surový - Pleva

    Propolis combats bacteria and protects the whole beehive from different sources of infection. It acts as a disinfectant, as if you clean the whole bathroom. All the bacteria are combated and a protective layer is formed, where no germs can survive in a long period of time. It is possible to remove propolis gently from the beehive. It is then used for the production of our cosmetic articles and other products.

    Propolis helps everywhere

    You can surely assess yourself, what propolis can be used for. Apart from unprocessed propolis, most customers opt for our Ointment with propolis or Propolis drops (To use them is very easy – just dissolve a few drops in a glass of water. Propolis is very effective even in smaller amounts and in a low concentration.). It is sufficient to treat the affected areas with the salve or the drops.

    These products also contain propolis: Shampoo with propolis or Hair lotion with propolis. Many of our customers also like Soap with propolis.

    Propolis is a nearly miraculous natural agent that protects against bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. Its antibacterial effect is especially useful in the oral cavity. Our Toothpaste with propolis uses all the wonderful properties of the propolis. It is very suitable for daily use and soothes the sensitive oral mucosa. Propolis also helps against mouth odor; we have therefore also prepared a Mouth spray with propolis.

    Propolis surový - Pleva

    Even our After shave water with propolis uses the soothing properties of the propolis. It effectively removes pimples, heals small wounds and makes the skin supple and soft. The after-shave lotion with propolis has a discreet scent and soothes an irritated skin very quickly.


    Weight: 20 g

    How do the bees use propolis?

    The name propolis comes from Greek (pro = before, polis = city). The bees use propolis to protect their territory from unwanted invaders and also as a protection against viruses and bacteria. They lubricate the walls and other parts of the hive with propolis.

    Propolis is also sometimes referred to as „bee cement“. The bees „isolate“ (protect) their beehive with it. It is also used as a protective material to seal holes and to repair other damages to the beehive.

    If a large animal, e.g. a mouse, enters the beehive, and the bees are later unable to remove its body, the animal will be covered with a thick layer of propolis to prevent its decay.

    The composition of propolis

    Propolis is a resin-like substance with a very pleasant aromatic fragrance.

    propolis surový

    Its color changes with time – dark brown propolis, best known in its unprocessed form, is the oldest, while green and yellow propolis is still fresh. Each kind of propolis has a different composition because the bees do not use test tubes.

    Propolis consists of approximately 50% resin-like substances, 30% bee-wax and 10% balsam and essential oils. The vitamins of group B are also an important component.

    Charm with propolis

    To make a charm with propolis is very simple. To do this, you only have to place the required amount of propolis into the charm.

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    Ludvík Minarčík 13. 10. 2019 | 17:11

    Špičková kvalita podle počekávání

    Špičková kvalita podle počekávání

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  • Discussion 1

    Do you have certificated raw propolis. We need around 5 kg. We are interesting for ECO certificated material.

    Administrator Veronika Plevová, Rodinná firma Pleva (Administrator) 14. 08. 2017 | 07:27

    Hello, I'm sorry but we do not have a certificate for propolis. Have a nice day

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