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Shampoo with honey for a beautiful hair

• Natural shampoo
• Shiny, supple hair
• Prevens electrostatic charging of fine hair
• Contains natural components that support the growth of new hair after just 14 days of usage
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  • Description

    Beautifull, baby-fine,
    soft hair

    „Wonderfully soft, shiny and thick hair... Your hair will be beautiful and soft as silk. The honey component and the rice proteins in the shampoo make it soft and shiny and prevent electrostatic charging. The shampoo has been produced according to a traditional recipe with natural ingredients only.“

    Hanka Plevová
    Founder of the family company

    Šampon s medem pro krásné vlasy - pleva

    Honey – an elixir of life

    Some customers believe that the use of honey in cosmetics is simply a trend and that the honey is being used e.g. as a source of the fragrance. This is a big misunderstanding! The honey component has actually not so much in common with the scent of the product.

    Šampon s medem pro krásné vlasy - pleva

    It is hard to believe, but our shampoo with honey washes the hair effectively and gently, removes any grease and does not dry out the hair. On the contrary, it helps to keep the scalp moist and even effectively prevents its skin from drying out.

    The hair becomes soft and shiny after the first wash. You will notice a great difference after blow drying. The overall quality of the hair will be improved, when the shampoo is applied regularly, and the hair acquires a healthy and shining look.

    Contains natural hair rinse

    The finer the hair is, the more it charges electrostatically. This results in a disordered hairstyle. That’s why we enriched our shampoo with a hair rinse – it reduces the electrostatic charge and stabilizes the hairstyle. The hair rinse also makes the combing of the hair much easier.

    Šampon s medem pro krásné vlasy - pleva

    Natural components only

    The shampoo has been made in a traditional way in order to enable the most environmentally friendly production possible. Even the above-mentioned hair rinse contains only natural ingredients – a combination of hyaluronic acid and rice proteins.

    Weight: 200 g

    Our shampoo is suitable for:

    • normal, slightly dry or greasy hair
    • loose or slightly damaged hair
    • long, fine and electrostatically charged hair

    Is your hair heavily damaged, do you suffer from dandruff or hair loss? We recommend our new Shampoo with propolis.

    Which hair tonic is the right one for you?

    Do you suffer from hair loss, brittle hair or lack of shine? Then try one of our hair tonics.

    The hair tonic with royal jelly makes the hair healthier and improves its quality. It is also very beneficial for normal hair, which becomes supple and shiny.

    Use our hair tonic with propolis for damaged, brittle hair or for hair loss. With the help of this hair tonic this process can be slowed down within a few weeks and the hair begins to recover.

    Natural ingredients


    The Shampoo mit Honig für wunderschöne Haare is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
    More information

    The green linden leaf marks a natural product logo český výrobek pleva

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    Střídám s propolisovým šamponem. Vlasy jsou po něm moc pěkné, voní po medu, dobře se rozčesávají, pokožka není vysušená.

    Střídám s propolisovým šamponem. Vlasy jsou po něm moc pěkné, voní po medu, dobře se rozčesávají, pokožka není vysušená.

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