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Shampoo with propolis 500g - Pleva


• mild shampoo with neutral pH
• reduces dandruff
• ideal for greasy and damaged hair More >>

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  • Description

    For a lion’s mane

    „Propolis is often used as an ingredient in skin creams. Thanks to its cleaning and regeneration effects it is considered a miracle cure. Shampoos, on the other hand, mostly do not contain propolis because of the complex manufacturing process – but the magical effect of propolis is visible even here. Our shampoo regenerates hair very effectively and is also suitable for a satisfactory control of dandruff. Get a strong, healthy hair and enjoy its fullness!“

    Milan Pleva

    Šampon s propolisem, velké balení

    For a healthy look

    Propolis has a very pleasant quality – it has remarkable antiseptic and regenerative effects. Creams with contents of propolis have been very popular, for example in the care of acne. Propolis has also a positive effect on hair. It regenerates the hair and makes it fuller. After the wash, the hair looks healthy and thick, hair loss and brittleness are reduced. Propolis also helps to control the occurrence of unpleasant dandruff. Although the shampoo is not primarily manufactured as an anti-dandruff shampoo, its effect is more than convincing.

    Shampoo with propolis provides thanks to its neutral pH an excellent hair wash and removes hair grease, while the scalp does not dry out. It is ideally suited for the care of greasy or damaged hair and helps to achieve a healthy balance and a natural beauty. Already after several washes, the fullness of the hair is increased and the scalp becomes noticeably healthier. Our customers are also very satisfied with higher hair gloss.

    Customer reviews

    Both in our system and in the ratings at heureka.cz, a very positive feedback from users can be found. Increased gloss, reduction of hair grease and reduced hair loss are often mentioned. A customer also mentions the positive effects on psoriasis. And the negative feedback? Allegedly, the packaging is a bit too small :-) Thanks for rating!

    Weight: 500g


    Stop hair loss!

    If you suffer from excessive hair loss, propolis can be only recommended. We have achieved excellent results with this shampoo in combination with our hair tonic with propolis, which supports the effects of the shampoo. In our offer, also a hair tonic with royal jelly is available. Propolis has antiseptic and regenerative effects, provides extra nutrition and promotes the growth of the hair. Try it out for yourself – it is sufficient to wash your hair as usual and massage the hair tonic gently into the skin, before you dry the hair.

    A Czech product

    The family business Pleva is an exclusively Czech company without foreign capital participation. The cosmetics is produced only in the Czech Republic.

    logo český výrobek pleva

    Neither our cosmetics nor the raw materials we use are being tested on animals. More information

  • Reviews 1
    Iveta Polívková 27. 07. 2017 | 08:05

    Výborný, nevysušuje vlasy, jsem ráda, že je v prodeji velké balení

    Výborný, nevysušuje vlasy, jsem ráda, že je v prodeji velké balení

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