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Soap that will surprise

• soothes and softens the skin
• regenerates damaged skin
• beautiful and long smells
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  • Description

    This soap is a real surprise for everybody

    „Our new soap is a real surprise. It will make you happy four times: when you open the door and take over the fragrant parcel (you will immediately feel like taking a relaxing bath). When you unpack the soap and see the little treasure, the rose quartz, for the first time. When you wash with the natural soap with honey. And finally, when the soap is used up and you hold the pink-colored stone of friendship in your hand.
    Lots of energy and harmony from“

    Hanka Plevová
    founder of the family company

    Mýdlo, které překvapí, Rodinná firma Pleva

    A soap for queens and little princesses

    The soap was enriched with natural ingredients and an extract of aloe vera. It is mild, has a wonderful fragrance and makes tired queens and their little princesses happy. It also contains our honey, an important ingredient that fills the whole bathroom with a wonderful scent.

    Kámen přátelství v mýdle, které překvapí

    Renew your creative powers and harmony

    Prepare a warm bath. Then lie down in the water and relax. If you feel lonely or lack harmony, you will get the necessary energy from our soap. It frees the feelings and connects the physical body with the earth. The Stone of Friendship supports intuition, enhances creative potential and provides inspiration. You can revive your creative powers with the help of our rose quartz soap. At the same time you can establish a closer relationship with your own ego.

    Activates the heart chakra and strengthens relationships

    Our natural Stone of Friendship has a strong influence on the heart chakra and supports partnership and friendship. It also reinforces the important triangle of the lower and upper chakras. It activates the heart chakra and releases the blocked feelings. We recommend the fragrant bath with our new soap to all customers who feel that their chakras are blocked or not in optimal harmony.

    Kámen přátelství v mýdle Pleva

    Trick for parents

    If you ever have to chase your child through the house in order to convince it of the need for a regular evening hygiene, just use a trick. It is our soap. Explain to the little tearaway that there is a treasure hidden in the center of the soap. The child will receive it only when the soap is used up. Long live the evening hygiene!

    Weight: 100 g

    Energy on the palm of the hand

    If even the last bubble disappeared and the stone is lying on your palm, wash it gently and let it dry in the sun. The Stone of Friendship, which supports partnership and friendship, will be charged with strengthening energy. Nobody should touch the stone but you alone.

    An exclusive series of soaps

    The soap that surprises is the third soap in our exclusive series. You can also try our Caressing soap or another soap, A rough stroke. Both soaps have a honey base and contain glycerine with antibacterial and antiseptic effects.

    The Soap a Rough Stroke contains crushed oak flakes, a very effective peeling. The dead cells are thus removed and the skin becomes pleasantly soft.

    Soap a Rough Stroke

    The Caressing body soap is ideal for the daily care of hands and body, this fine soap soothes the skin with chamomile and hydrates it very effectively.

    Caressing body soap

    Natural ingredients

    The Soap that will surprise is completely natural and contains only natural substances. They come from renewable sources and have been produced very carefully.
    More information

    The green linden leaf marks a natural product logo český výrobek pleva

  • Reviews 2
    Petra Nováková 02. 04. 2020 | 10:49

    Mýdlo jsem jednou objednala a teď znovu dostala jako dárek. Nejen že nádherně voní, ale také je jemné k pokožce. A kámen uvnitř je krásné překvapení, ... more

    Mýdlo jsem jednou objednala a teď znovu dostala jako dárek. Nejen že nádherně voní, ale také je jemné k pokožce. A kámen uvnitř je krásné překvapení, které mě potěšilo jako sběratelku minerálů. :)

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    Andrea Rozmušová 04. 10. 2018 | 00:04

    Mýdlo krásně voní a nevysušuje ruce. Růženín uvnitř mýdla potěšil.

    Mýdlo krásně voní a nevysušuje ruce. Růženín uvnitř mýdla potěšil.

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