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Sunflower Mead wine 0,2l hip flask - Pleva

• no added sugar
• no heating during production
• contains no preservatives, colourings or flavors
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  • Description

    Great tasty mead from sunflower honey

    „You will love the unmistakable sweet taste of mead from sunflower honey. The honey from which the mead was made contains lots of pollen that creates the typical mead flavor. The bittersweet taste of sunflower pollen is typical for this mead. We recommend that you appraise its taste only after the third sip. The effect described above causes a fine bitter aftertaste, which makes you to try yet another sip.“

    Milan Pleva
    founder of the family company


    Fair production technology

    The mead of sunflower honey is made according to a secret recipe, which we have been refining and improving for years.

    This mead is made of fermented sunflower honey. We do not use heat treatment to enhance the important substances in the mead.

    The product is never further sweetened or soured. It contains no preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors. On the contrary, we give our mead enough time to mature. It matures for almost a year and a half before reaching the first customers. Each batch is slightly different, because our honey has a slightly different flavor every year. This mead contains no sugar, only sunflower honey.

    The temperature of fermentation

    Generally, the mead is fermented at a temperature of about 22 to 25 °C. But we like to experiment with the taste and the possibilities of fermentation. We tried to ferment at a lower temperature. Some mead is fermented at just 9 degrees and the process takes about a month longer. In the normal turbulent fermentation process at a higher temperature, the drink loses many of its valuable aromatic and other substances, while after a longer fermentation process at a lower temperature the smell and taste of the beverage becomes much richer.

    We usually ferment at low temperatures the mead of acacia, linden and sunflower honey. As this production process is much more demanding, we ferment only a few batches in this way each year. If you would like to try a mead that has been fermented at a low temperature, just drop us a line and we will tell you which sorts of mead in our range have been fermented for a longer time.

    Our online store www.pleva.cz prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.

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  • Parameters 2
    Volume 0,2 l
    Mead from sunflower honey
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