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Hint: For a faster search, we recommend choosing a defining word for the given product in its name - for example, for the product Roll-on lip balm with propolis, it is ideal to enter the word roll-on.

You can find the product composition at the end of the detailed product description.

Product review (ratings and customer experiences with the product)

  • On a computer, you can find them in the tab under the photos:

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  • On a cell phone, you can get to this tab in the fastest way if you close the previous "Detailed description" tab:

Jak vyhledat produkt na stránkách Pleva

  • It may happen that this tab is missing for some products, the reason being that no reviews have been added to this product yet. If you buy from us, you can rate the purchased products after logging in under your customer account, add your experience and thus help other customers with their selection.

On a computer, you can find our products listed in the categories at the top of the page:

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On a cell phone, product categories will be displayed after clicking on "Menu" in the upper left corner of the page:

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You can also view the range of products in our catalogue.

Visit our Advisor, in it you will find information about individual bee products, the most frequent questions and related experiences of our customers, and an overview of articles related to the given topic.

If you did not find an answer to your question in the Advisor, or simply do not have time to read it through, you can also put your own question there, we will always be happy to answer and advise you. However, we recommend reading the lessons learned by our customers, you can find a lot of interesting information.

You can also contact us via chat for quick advice - yellow icon in the lower right corner, here we will answer you immediately every working day from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you cannot reach us within this time, we will respond to your inquiry the following business day.

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On business days from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can also contact us by phone at +420 739 045 380, or e-mail us anytime, we will reply you as soon as possible.

In our blog, we prepare for you articles full of interesting information from the world of bees, cosmetics, health, nature, you will also find here information about news from our workshop, tips for gifts for various occasions, interesting recipes with honey and other hints and ideas.

You can buy all products here on our e-shop.

Furthermore, take a look at the map of stores, where you can buy our products. If you need a specific product, we recommend checking its availability in the store of your choice by phone. Not all stores still have all our products in stock, but in most cases they will order products for you upon request.

Read about us, you will learn how we started, what we can do, what our goal is, what we have achieved; you will get to know our team and you might want to become a part of it :-)

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