EU Consent to Cookies and Our Opinion

Officials in the European Union have found that cookies are used on the Internet. Therefore, they make up the obligation that all websites using cookies (i.e., virtually each website with advertising, traffic measurement, saving user settings ...) must display a pop-up panel informing that this website uses cookies.

We all know that cookies are stored, there is nothing we can do about it, and now we still have to click it off on websites.

We, as website operators, are obliged to inform about the use of cookies. You, as a user, must also be able to refuse such processing (for example, by leaving - closing the website). If you are interested in more information, see how Google uses cookies.

Another EU regulation - we must not write the truth

Unfortunately, we have more experience with absurdities and regulations from the European Union, for example, we must not write the truth on our website about bee products and their effects. Even other companies must not write about the effects of herbs or other natural products, for example.

The whole regulation was originally designed to protect consumers from expensive food supplements with effects that were all lies. However, with the help of a strong pharmaceutical industry that wants to protect its market, the whole issue has reached such absurd proportions. In short, natural products and their effects must no longer be discussed. If you are interested in why, consult our article on . what we must not write on the web.